Paying bill by credit card cost me $2 !!!!

Paying bill by credit card cost me $2 !!!!

Paying bill by credit card cost me $2 !!!!

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Paying bill by credit card cost me $2 !!!!

I have fido cell contract and I used to pay at the machines in Fido stores that cost me zero charge over the bill. but lately these machines has been removed so I payed my last bill on line by credit card and it appear later on that I have been charged extra $2 for this service!?!?!?! it is totally in convient and expensive service for long term clients. 

I'm asking for other less expensive options of payments or waving this cost from all clients for the future. 



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It is possible that we do a pre-approve of pending 1$ charge for credit card payment , in this case, you may see a charge on your credit card transaction history, but this should not show on your credit card bill. 


Where do you see the $2 charges and is it a one time $2 charge or twice $1 charge? 

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Does this $2 charge appear in your unbilled credit card invoice or on the actual bill?



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Yes, can you confirm was the charge issued by your Bank / Financial institution, or was it a charge issued by Fido Solutions on your recent Fido invoice? can you confirm this first? because if it was issued by your bank, there is no sense getting upset at Fido, unless it was Fido that charged you.