Overchange amount for going over data limit

Overchange amount for going over data limit

Overchange amount for going over data limit

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Overchange amount for going over data limit

I am only 15 days into my billing cycle, and it says I went $50 over my limit

I went online to look and says I used 3.12 GB.. and says I am 2.12GB over.

I have 1 GB in my plan, and 1 GB add-on.  so I should only be 1.12 over.

However, I can't understand how this month I am already over.  I want to know what day, or what app or what period of time that I used all this data.  I know on my monthly bills I can see detailed data usage by day.  Can I not see that while I am in the middle of the cycle?  and why not?

And why is it a $50 over charge?

I want to re-start my data plan, but first I want to know what / if there was a spike in my data usage, so i can correct that, so I dont end up using 6-10GB for the next 15 days. 

Usually my monthly usage is just above 1GB, well below my allowed plan, so I am not quite sure why it is over and how to check out all these details mentioned above.






Hi @suzyb


The only way to get the full details is when your bill gets printed and you will only know the data usage by day. Fido can't track which app is using data but you can view that from your phone.


You can also set a data limit on your phone to avoid overage you can get more details on how to manage your data usage here.

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I understand that Fido cannot track the apps, but why can they not know what days the data usage occurs before the bill cycle is closed..  they must know, if they already know i am over.

also why does it not count my extra 1+1GB in the usage before sending me a $50 overage text?  It is hard to know what is real and what is a mistake.

I realy do want to re-start my data plan, and I would pay for an extra 500MB, but I want to know if I am still "bleeding" before I start it up again.  Right?  I dont think my question is unsensible.  Like if they told me that all of a sudden 2GB were used on Sat and Sunday last wekk, and the rest of the week was normal.. I could trace why the 2GB occurred through my own means..  and then re-start my data.

I am not worried about how to track in in the future, I want to know how to track the data in the near past, as in the last 2 weeks.


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Furthermore, my extra data charges are $10 for 500MB.  so if I went over by 1.12 GB, the overage charge should be $10 + 10 = $20 (and then another $10. Which is $30 total for the 0.12 meaning I still have .38 for me to use),

So it is not $50.  It's like the extra 1GB is being ignored. 


Looks like the only app that is using lots of data on my phone is Safari.. hard to believe for me.  But i'm going to turn it off for the rest of the cycle.

This seems to be a common problem with iPhone using up too much data.


If you go to General under system services do you see a large amount of data being used there?

Some users said all they did was disable WiFi assist which you did but then go to general- reset- reset network settings and that worked.


Other solutions 


"I have just turned off all icloud auto updates, especially regarding messaging, and photos, and limited these to only update/upload when connected to wifi. I think the main one is to turn off 'Use Cellular Data'  under iCloud drive, and then to adjust settings under Photos, within the icloud settings. This has taken my 'general' data usage down from nearly 200mb in a day, to a little over 5mb."


"Go to settings, click on the icloud and switch off icloud drive and your problem will be gone forever."


"I found that my whatsapp was doing a daily backup to iCloud drive and consumed all my data plan. Changed the whatsapp to a monthly backup and turned off the "use cellular data" on iCloud drive."

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I have almost everything switched off.  i have been using fido for almost 4yrs and have rarely gone over 1GB.  I called in, and it seems that on Saturday at 2:30 I used up 3GB of data in one shot.

When i look at my data usage over cellular air on my iphone5, the only app that has used 3GB is Safari.  So I had a 1browser shot at 3GB on a saturday afternoon.  the only webpage i went to was this: http://nxne.com/port-lands/ wihch has an embedded google map.  my only guess is that google map was continuously reloading or something.


This is a completely unheard of event.  in the last 6 mo i've used under 5GB of data.

i am not a stupid person, i have had this phone for years, and been with fido for years.  i know how to use data and how to turn on and off data for apps, i dont have netflix on my iphone, and i dont have youtube turned on or spotify turned on with data - and i am getting charged double this month - plus no data for over 50% of my bill cycle, because of one unexplainable 3GB hit off my Safari on a saturday afternoon, which could be nothing more than some bug in the phone/network (and i just updated my iphone OS earlier in the day)

My billing history shows that i have no usage history that is anything like using 3GB on one hit, let alone within even one month.

And turns out that also my extra 1 GB of data expired 2 weeks ago (12mo promo).

i rather pay more somewhere else than pay double for pretty much no service for half my cycle, and then also be patronized like i'm a careless user. 

If fido doesn't forgive this odd data dispute, i am gone.

I'd have more fun literally burning money.


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I was actually at home on WIFI when the data spike of 3GB occured, and I just updated my IOS

I think it was actually iCloud drive.  I think the upgrade turned it on for cellular usage, and used it up without connecting to the Wifi.

So yes I am now changing that setting (that was not on beofre the iOS update):

'Use Cellular Data'  under iCloud drive, and then to adjust settings under Photos, within the icloud settings.


I'm still completely unimpressed that i'm paying for this iOS update 9.3.2, because it turned on my iCloud sync over cellular.

I am definitely changing phone companies if I'm not credited in this data dispute.  I dont want to stay in  business with a company that is OK with taking so much money for a simple Client due to a one time spike, caused by a bug in the phone iOS.

Hey @suzyb,


We appreciate you and definitely don't want to see you go! 

I will be sending you a PM shortly, I'd love to take a closer look at the account with you Smiley


As for your data, I'm glad you were able to figure out what caused the spike so it can be avoided in the future! Also make sure that your Data Assist is also turned off on your iPhone (Settings - Cellular - Data Assist)


You can check out more tips and tricks on how to stay on top of your data usage right here: http://bit.ly/ManageData


I'll talk to you soon Smiley