Over billing

Over billing

Over billing

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Over billing

I have been with fido,  since 2014,  at first it was was good...  But when i add a unit with me.. Eventhough every  document has been accomplished,  we have to call them monthly 

Due to stressing over bill,  and wrong program.. We commented twice during survey,  but no one from fido responded,  i hope as i write this comment,  some one must take an action concerning this...  3 months of wrong billing... 




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Welcome to the Fido club! I get overbilled EVERY month & have to waste hours chasing Fido to get it corrected - all since I went from pay as you go to a 2 yr. contract. Too bad I'm the only side that has to follow the contract...!

Hey there tschepens


Did you ever get the chance to go over your invoices, to see what's causing you to go over your plan? (Is it Calls, Data, etc)


The details of your monthly services & extra charges are listed each month on your bill, so you can review the information. 


Here's how to check out the details:

- Log into MyAccout
- Click on "Billing & Payments"
- Select the month you'd like to see in the drop-down list
- Scroll down & click on "Save / Print this bill (PDF)" 


Hope this helps Smiley Let me know if you need any help with the information on your bills!

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Hey @Yramirez!


Thanks for the feedback! I'll send you a PM in a few minutes!

I'd like to take a look at your account.