Over Billing on Usage Minutes

Over Billing on Usage Minutes

Over Billing on Usage Minutes

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Over Billing on Usage Minutes

I recently signed up for two cell phone plans with Fido. It is the Bring Your Own Phone ($33) plan with 250 Weekday minutes and 300MB of data.

Though my usage has remained pretty consistent, Fido billed me excessively in my August and September 2015 bills for going over my allocated 250 minutes (Aug, 2015: $134.51; Sep, 2015: $169.13; Other Months: $70-80).

After getting the bills (and paying them off), I called Fido customer service to request details for the 250 minutes to verify if I did actually go over my allocated minutes. The first call was on Sep 08, 2015 to Kevelyna, and then again on Oct 3 or Oct 4, 2015 to Matt. On both of these occasions, I spoke to the Customer Service Representatives who promised that I would receive detailed bill reprints with 5-10 business days. When I received nothing, I called Fido again on October 31, 2015 and got my call escalated to the Supervisor, Tracey. The supervisor promised that I will receive the detailed bill reprints in 5 business days and she would call me to follow up on it as well. To this date, I have not received neither a phone call nor the detailed bill reprints.

To further escalate my issue, I used the online form from the Fido website on Friday, November 13, 2015 to contact the Management Team/Office of the President at Fido. Again, despite their website promising a response within 1 Business day, I have received nothing yet.

Apart from the issues stated above, I noticed that my bills have been pretty consistent after I signed up for detailed online bills. This further adds to my belief that Fido may have deliberately over-billed my account for August and September, 2015 and is now ignoring my requests for a detailed bill reprints.

One more note: I did not at anytime receive any notifications from Fido that I was going over my 250 minutes usage limits.




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Hi schandra93 & welcome to the Community!


This doesn't seem right; you should have received the copies you requested by now. That said, I'll send you a private message so we can look into this.


Talk to you soon. Smiley