Outgoing Calls not working - Galaxy S6

Outgoing Calls not working - Galaxy S6

Outgoing Calls not working - Galaxy S6

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Outgoing Calls not working - Galaxy S6

For the past few weeks, I've been unable to make outgoing calls. When I try, the call rings twice then an automated voice says "The customer you are trying to reach is not available. Please try again later." and the line disconnects. My friends claim that their phone doesn't even ring or show a missed call.


So I tried contacting LiveChat (remember - no outgoing calls). 2 different people over a few weeks told me to try turning my phone off and on again, or saying that they would "reset the network on our end, give us a minute." None of it was helping. I even restored my phone to factory settings.


Ten minutes ago, I tried the support through Facebook Messenger. After authentication, he asked "You've had an outgoing call block since 12.22.2016, shall I remove it for you?" Why was this fact not brought up by any of the LiveChat support representatives?


Apparently a block was put on my account after I travelled to the US for a couple days and had some roaming data charges (which were misbilled and needed to be evaluated). And no one told me. No one looked at the notes on my account and fixed this for me. For 25 days.


Anyhow, the representative from Messenger just removed the block (thanks Fredrike). But I am not a happy customer. Why were the LiveChat representatives giving me the run-around? Why didn't Fido call me to explain that they were puttting a hold on my outgoing calls?




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Hey Milesperminute!


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I'm sorry to read that this happened. That definitely doesn't sound right and should not have happened. I absolutely understand your frustration.


I can assure you that we take your comments very seriously and I'll make sure that your comments make it to the right people so that this does not happen again.


That said, I'm happy to see that Frederike was able to get everything sorted out for you!