Outgoing Call Display Name

Outgoing Call Display Name

Outgoing Call Display Name

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Outgoing Call Display Name

I added a FIDO line on the 5GB/$60 plan recently to my account (my existing line is a data-only tablet line).


For some reason the new line does not send Call Display Name when I make a call. (I do have the option to change what it is displayed [from the online MyAccount]; but no matter what I change it to it still doesn't work.


Fido Chat tells me there is no outgoing block on my account and it should work.

Fido Chat tell me they cannot troubleshoot further and I need to call into 888-481-3436.  But - unfortunately, the 1-888 automated system keeps hanging up on me every time I call in and what to speak to a human.)


Any ideas?

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Hey @phopetindall,


The Call Display & Name Display allows you to see the caller’s name and number on your phone when they call you. 


If you make a call, they'll see your number and name in their phone display only if they have the same feature.


Does the person you are calling have Name Display? Have you tried calling different numbers or did you test it only with 1 person?

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Hi @FidoRachel


thanks for the reply.


Call Display and Name Display are incoming features. (often confused with the outgoing feature)

I'm talking about outgoing calls - where my number (and my name; which is editable in My Account) is transmitted and displayed on the phone I'm calling.


I'm calling my landline (which does properly show inbound caller ID and display names).  (It's just a landline phone - no directory contained in the phone or anything).


When I call my landline using my Roger's work cell - it displays the number and name properly that the Rogers line sends.

When I call the same landline using my new Fido line - it displays the number only (repeats the number in the name field).


I checked the phone is not suprresing outbound caller ID (indeed if it was it wouldn't send the number either).


Fido support checked and tell me the switch isn't set to block outbound caller ID on the CTN; everything looks good and they don't have tools to do any further troubleshooting.


After an hour - Fido Support told me they need to transfer me to 2nd tier support (which turned out to be Rogers; who just tell me that they can't access my file since it's Fido and I need to speak to Fido).


Can you help me?




Hey there @phopetindall


What phone model are you using? You might need to set your default Caller ID settings to Operator in advanced phone settings. 


It might not be set to Operator, which explains why changing your Name Display in your My Account isn't impacting the outgoing Name Display others see when you call. 

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Is there someone I can contact to help me?




@phopetindall I'll send you a PM!

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@FidoRachel @FidoStephane


Please know that I'm very grateful that you have responded.

Please also know that I've done all of the troubleshooting your suggesting that Fido Support had me do before transferring me to Rogers Support (who told me that they can't help since I'm a Fido customer all they do is log an interaction [I have the interacton number]).


Is there any way I can speak/connect with someone or get someone to help me??? - it's been a week now and my outbound caller ID name isn't working.


thanks a lot.




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Hi @FidoStephane


Thanks for the reply


Phone is a OnePlus 3T.


Phone is set to 'carrier default'.  But I'm also tried setting to 'Show number' as well.


If I insert my work SIM (Rogers) into the phone and make a call - it properly transmits the Caller ID/Name to the number I am calling.


If I insert my new Fido SIM into the phone and make a call - it only transmits the phone number to the number I am calling (repeats the number in the name field instead of my name).


If I insert either SIM into the phone (changing the settings to   'Hide number') - then it causes call to be received as 'Unavailable'.


I've also put my Rogers and Fido SIMs into another phones (a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 4).

In each case - the Rogers SIM sends caller ID and alpha name to the called phone.

In each case - the Fido SIM only sends number to the called phone (with number repeated in the name field).



I'm satisfied it's not the phone or the phone settings - seems to be Fido/Switch settings.