Out of order/Duplicate Texts

Out of order/Duplicate Texts

Out of order/Duplicate Texts

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Out of order/Duplicate Texts

For most of the winter, my phone was sending texts out of order. I thought the issue had been solved but it just started doing it again. I know it's a network issue based on research. Is there any ETA on when this will be fully resolved? I am having to use other messaging apps, driving my data use up. 



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Hey @KateCee


Welcome to the community Smiley Can you give us a little more information about the issue and your device please?


- What's the model of your phone?

- Do you have the latest software installed?

- Which messaging app are you using?

- Can you give us an example of a message that was sent out of order?



I'm a Participant Level 2

Hi Christina.

-iPhone SE
-The latest software is installed
-I'm using the iPhone SMS app (iMessage has no issues)
-I don't want to post a text, but the gist is that if I am texting one person consistently during a short window, my texts begin to be delayed and they receive them out of order. It makes the conversation really confusing.

Thanks @KateCee Smiley 


Have you tried your SIM card in another device to see if this is reproduced? If not, can you try that and let us know! 



I actually experience the duplicate text this week I was away for two weeks and when I got back I sent a text to my wife and she got it twice yesterday she sent me a text and I got it twice. The one I received was 5min apart.


Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus 6P



Did it just happen that one time? Is it up and running now?


Keep us posted Smiley


Hi @FidoNick,


I haven't seen it happened again, if it does i'll let you know.