Online is showing my account has been cancelled

Online is showing my account has been cancelled

Online is showing my account has been cancelled

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Online is showing my account has been cancelled

I do not know what is up with fido, ever since I came to fido in confidence after seeing the wonderful things they have done for my wife, i have been terribly dissapointed with the website. After waiting about two months they have finally resolved an issue with my account in order to sign it up for direct billing. After doing so, I was asked to re-activate my account and intern activate my spotify account as the information had been changed. Well finally after almost a week of waiting for their website to be fixed, i was able to access my account. Low and behold, on my screen it is showing that my account had been cancelled!! I never cancelled my account, made changes, etc. Who knows how long it is going to take to fix this ongoing issue now. 


Maybe fido wasnt such a good choice after all.



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My account has been cancelled and shows a credit fee what do i do from here? Does it mean fido owes me ?
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Hey @Mishka702


Sorry to learn that you are no longer a Fido customer. 


To answer your question, that is exactly what it means. If your final invoice was generated with a credit balance, a refund should automatically be generated.


You should receive it soon after the final invoice is sent. Smiley 

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Hey erazki,


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Doesn't sound right that you can't log in your account. I'm sending you a PM so we can look into this together.