Online account not showing both numbers

Online account not showing both numbers

Online account not showing both numbers

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Online account not showing both numbers



Been with Fido since August. Transferred old number and brought my own phone. For some reason at the time I signed up, a bunch of account numbers were assigned to multiple people therefor never allowing me to pay my bill online. I pay by debit so had to take a trip to the bloody mall on a Saturday each time I needed to pay. Called every month asking for an update, had to re-explain everytime what was going on and they told me they were working on a fix and it would be done in a month. In January - after 6 MONTHS of this - I went back in store. I was switching my dads number over and the sales guy said we could start a new account with his number, and register mine under it as a transfer of responsibility. He said everything would work even though both account are in my name, credit cards, etc. K fine. So we do this. He says I'll have to go home a re-register my account but after that everything would work. Go home, register, log on. Only my number shows up. Fine, wait a week, log on and the whole website it down. Wait another week. Still won't let me log on. Call fido - they tell me to reregister. I do. Not all options show u to register but somehow lets me on. However, still not working as it shows my bill at 0$. Wait a few more weeks, log on again. Still only shows my number. Call fido - they tell me it should work, but it doesn't. As far as I know I should be the account holder on both numbers however, nothing on this **bleep** site ever works, and absolutely NO ONE at fido can fix this or tell me what's going on...If this isn't fixed in a week i'll be switching - way more hassle than a cell phone should ever be. Don't have time to call 100 numbers for data usage and bills and etc when it should be one simple login.


Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it?


 Hey @ksciamanna and welcome to the Community Smiley


I really hate to see that you are having all that trouble with

We have a post on the community about the revamp. There are features that might not be available yet. For any update, you can take a quick look at it here.


We would also really hate to see you leave Fido for this.


Let me take a look at all of this for you. I'm sending you a PM now.


We will talk real soon Smiley