Oneplus7 pro IMEI for volte and wifi caling

Oneplus7 pro IMEI for volte and wifi caling

Oneplus7 pro IMEI for volte and wifi caling

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Oneplus7 pro IMEI for volte and wifi caling



I'd love to have wifi calling and volte working on my device.


I've read that my device supports volte and wifi calling:

I have the switches in the network settings to enable these features.


I've also read in various Fido threads that Fido only enables volte and wifi calling features on phones with IMEIs in their database of fido sold phones:


In that thread i see you guys are adding users IMEI numbers to see if that helps to get the features working. I understand you won't fully support it on my device as it is not a fido device. But i'd love it if you could add my IMEI number so that I can experiment with using this feature.


Can you please add my IMEI number?


Thank you!

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Re: Oneplus7 pro IMEI for volte and wifi caling

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Hello @bjarrett


I do wish that was possible, however I invite you check the solution from this thread here.


Adding the IMEI from a device that is not from Fido won't work since it doesn't exist in our system.

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Hello @bjarrett


I do wish that was possible, however I invite you check the solution from this thread here.


Adding the IMEI from a device that is not from Fido won't work since it doesn't exist in our system.

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Can you not add the IMEI to your system? That is what I am asking for.

See the last reply to that thread:

Hello Bjarrett,


  Welcome to the community!


  Unfortunately, even if it were possible, adding the IMEI of a device not offered by Fido will not allow voLTE or Wifi-calling for that device.


  I believe the issue isn't that the IMEI is not on your account since the network registers the IMEI when your phone connects to the network. Otherwise, the whole premise of blacklisting IMEIs of stolen phones would not be possible. Rather, for voLTE and Wifi-calling to work, the IMEI needs to be in their inventory database. While there have been sparce instances where adding the IMEI has allowed those services to work, they were with phone models which were also sold by Fido (ie Canadian version of Samsung Galaxy series). Note that other versions (US, Global, etc) of those same models would not work. Also note that more recently, adding the IMEI of devices purchased from Samsung Canada has not allowed voLTE or Wifi-calling to work.


  In your case (as well as the thread you referenced), Fido does not sell OnePlus devices. There is no way to even add that device to their inventory list, let alone its IMEI. You seem to have missed the solution to that thread as well as this other post in that thread.


  Not what you're wanting to hear, but hope this helps 😀





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Hi Cawtau,


I have read the solution to that thread. But that is not a solution to the problem. It is the reason for the problem.

Yes, my IMEI is on the Fido network. That's great. I have working sms/standard calls/4g data, all of that's great.

You have a separate whitelist of IMEI's you are referring to as the Fido Inventory.

The problem is you guys have an anti-competitive policy which blocks off features that should be supported by any modern android device if they were not purchased through Fido and exist in Fido's inventory.


I understand my mileage may vary as sometimes you need carrier support in the firmware of the device. But that's not always the case. I'm sure some devices would work fine.


Add my phone as a Google Pixel 3 to your inventory. I'm sure it makes absolutely no difference what kind of device you claim it is.


I have been a Fido customer for over 10 years and I'm quite disappointed in this policy. I am currently researching if Telus will at least help to try and support this features on non-telus devices.



Hello again,


  Firstly, I don't work for Fido. I merely provide information to try to help people.


  Do your research. People posting and replying in similar threads in these forums seem to believe that it's only Fido (and possibly Rogers) who limit those services. However, other sources suggest the other providers might be doing the same. Truth is, I don't know what is the policy of the other providers. This article suggests that at least one other provider also might have limited those services, until recently. Note however, the document to which they refer specifies that non-Telus refers to ‘grey-market’ or ‘inter-carrier’ devices, such as those purchased from another carrier (ie Bell or Rogers). I don't believe either sell or sold OnePlus devices.


Hope this helps 😀






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I do need to do more research regarding other Canadian providers. Its a sad state of affairs in Canada if this is common practice across Canadian carriers. Clearly the CRTC isn't doing their job well enough.


But it sounds like there's a chance Telus may be able to help where as you cannot help, and Fido most likely won't help.


Would be great to get a PM or another statement from a Fido employee.


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The guy that answering to you is answering to me on my thread as well and just repeating the same thing. Don't even bother yourself. I have OnePlus phone too. I have a S9 also that I bought from Fido.

Every child knows that their reasoning is wrong and it's not about the phone itself. 


They even didn't allow the same phone to use volte until this year and it's not activated by default.


It's just a bad practice. I already filed a complain with crtc. Those are the one that are responsible for this. 


I suggested that just for the sake of experiment you can port a supported device imei to none supported device and see that it will work and his answer was to threaten me and tell me that it's against the community rules. It's funny that he is everywhere answering the same question onbehalf of Fido and laying out the same laughable argument and claims he is not working for Fido.


Sure there are some configuration on the phone that you need to setup but the main barrier here is Fido refusing to put extra work on themselves. 



@mnorouzi wrote:.. his answer was to threaten me and tell me that it's against the community rules...

  Haha! There was no threat!


@Cawtau  wrote:...Careful, discussion regarding changing IMEIs could be viewed as violating the Community's Terms of use.

  That is not a threat. That's mere apprising you of the Terms of use.


**edit** And no, I don't work for Fido**





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I didn't suggest to tamper the IMEI and I'm pretty sure no one here has the knowledge of doing that.


I'm sure you don't work for Fido.

Yet again the same question. Fido can't and shouldn't put restrictions on phones and accounts even if people don't use those services. 

I'm paying for these services. That's my money. 

I'm paying for a 7 GB data plan for two years now that I don't even use it. But again, I chose not to use my paid plan because I choose to not.

That's my call.


Fido is refusing giving me a services that it's my right even if I don't and can't use it. 


Is this that hard or complex for you to understand?! Hahaaaa?!

Hey @mnorouzi


Please refer to the solution marked on this thread. We've also replied to your other post here:

Hello again,


  I apologise if my previous post has given you some false hope that those functions will work on your device with the other providers. I only provided that link as evidence that the other providers also restrict those functionalities on devices not purchased from said providers.


  Yes, the article states that they will open up the service for devices not purchased from themselves. However, OnePlus is not on their list of eligible devices.


  Perhaps the CRTC isn't doing enough to allow those services available on devices off their home provider network (or direct from manufacturer), but not only is your device non-Telus (or non-Fido, non-Rogers, non-Bell), it is also not certified for use on the networks. Sure, the basic services work, but for Wifi-calling and voLTE services to work properly, there needs to be collaboration between the device manufacturers and the providers. OnePlus would need to approach the mobile providers to have their devices tested and approved for use on the networks. As far as I am aware, they have only partnered with T-Mobile in the US. You might consider contacting OnePlus and request they start testing their devices on Canadian networks.


  Have you had a chance to visit the OnePlus or other android forums? I have not found any instance where Wifi-calling and/or voLTE has worked on a OnePlus device in Canada. Perhaps, your device will be the first...


**edit** From a year ago, but see response from OnePlus support team here.**





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My goal of this thread is not necessarily to get these features working. That'd be great, but that's not exactly my expectation.

My goal of this thread is to have the service available to my device from Fido. To not have Fido be blocking the services from my device.

At that point, yes, the features may not still work, but that's okay. OnePlus devices have a great support community and then I can move on to asking the community or OnePlus for support to have the features functioning.

But until Fido stops blocking the service on my device there is no point. This is step 1.


Cawtau. Please stop replying to this thread. You are unable to help me with my goal mentioned above as you do not work for Fido.


As mentioned in my previous post. It would be great to get a PM or a reply with a statement from a Fido employee with knowledge on the topic.



Hey @bjarrett!


We do appreciate all your feedback and we're always working on ensuring our customers can get the most our of their services.


At this time, Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE are available on select devices as long as they are purchased from Fido.


@Cawtau has covered the topic pretty thoroughly, if anything does come up in the future we'll be sure to keep everyone updated.

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I would like to try to register my IMEI for vowifi please. I realize it's not going to be officially supported by Fido. Please PM me

Hey there @Yikesaiting


A non-Fido IMEI cannot be added. I also see that someone replied to your other post here Smiley