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I wonder how anyone at Fido will spin this one!

3 times in the past year, I have changed my number ONLINE which IS allowed and it is to be FREE!

1st time I changed it on a Friday night after any Fido outlet or mall location etc. would be open AND Fido's call center was CLOSED for the night

So I check my balance for a prepaid account which at the time had well over $400 on it. There it went, 35 bucks GONE! I called the pathetic Fido call center representative and they proceeded to advise "our records show you changed your number at location X (which was actually a mall kiosk about 5kms from me, you did this yesterday." Of ocurse I argued THAT IMPROBABILITY and even called that location to ask "hey, did anyone change their number in person yesterday?" They advised that the person that DID do so, was taken care of by that particular employee and they remembered him. IT WASN'T ME OF COURSE.

Rather than him at Fido calling them himself and getting that same information, I was advised that "I needed to personally visit that mall location-this was of course on a Friday night at 7:30PM." I did so and then I had to call up Fido again, get the same representative to speak to that mall employee, then FINALLY I had my freakin' refund of the $35!!!

Now at the time I advised Fido Customer Service that "I will be doing this again in the near future, you allow for Fido customers to change their number FOR FREE when done so online." I did this a few months ago and again, dinged for $35 even though once again, there was NO location open. That time I got an extra 10 bucks out of them in addition to my refund of 35 bucks. Still with me?

Monday October 10, 2016: a text arrived at 9:40pm my province's time. THANKSGIVING MONDAY, no malls were open, Fido call center was closed. I changed my number online AGAIN! I also took screen shots of the transactions or number change. Imagine that, once again a day later i look into my account and I'm again having to call up Fido during the day to complain about the same thing that has happened a few times too many.


I wonder how the forum volunteers etc. will spin this. It's known to be a problem-months ago (MAY 2016) was when this happened for the very first time. When one searches the particulars concerning a number change and done online, one finds that it is the same information that has always been as such- IT'S FREE TO DO SO IF DONE ONLINE! When I speak to Fido represenatives this time, I will also be advising that I will be communicating with the CRTC or whomever will take this complaint since it is in fact a very dishonest tactic and Fido needs to be accountable for it! I will be requesting MORE THAN the refund of my illegally taken $35 and that paltry $10 as credited before. I did in fact warn them in the past, "they had better fix this problem since they admittedly know about it!" How many customers may miss the fact they were hit for $35 but in fact did the change online.

So how about it moderator, volunteer etc., how do YOU explain it? Fido knows about it yet it's still going on?

What a pathetic company for them to indulge in such practices! Get ready for the big complaints because apparently it's probably going to come with a fine or two since it's contrary to posted policies that apply to all customers!




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  Were you changing your number because you had moved to a different region outside of your local calling area? The option to change a phone number online for free is only available to postpaid accounts. **edit** Unless it's because you moved outside your LCA**

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Taken from here.


  If you had moved to a different region (outside your local calling area), then there should have been no charge. However, if you just wanted to change your number or if you moved to an area within your local calling area, it would have been charged. No spin, clearly stated on the website.


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Hey @oggiedoggie and thanks for reaching out.

Sorry to see you had that experience with the customer service and the store as well.


I can confirm that it's free to change your number online on


It seems that it's not resolved yet. Let's take a look at your account together to better understand what happened.

I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into Smiley


Talk to you soon.



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