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Number Change Online


When I try to change my number online, it kept giving me error and said that i have to check my voicemail. what should i do?


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Hey @thanhnguyen504


Were you able to change your number? Let us know! Smiley




Hey @thanhnguyen504,


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Can you let me know at which step of the change you got this error message? Was it before or after you selected a phone number in your area?


Also, would it be possible to let me know what exactly the error message said?


When changing your phone number, all messages, greeting message and voice signature are lost. Is it possible that the message was prompting you to check your voice messages before completing the change?


Let me know and we'll take it from there Smiley


I'm a Participant Level 1

I'm moving from AB to NB. I have the address I'm moving to. How do I change my number online?

Hey @Chelsey828

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Here's the steps to change your Fido phone number on (if you're logged on as the account holder):

  • Log In to My Account
  • Click "Change phone number" in the "My Fido Service" section


If there's anything don't hesitate to contact us Smiley