Not eligible for Fido 20th Anniversary data bonus?

Not eligible for Fido 20th Anniversary data bonus?

Not eligible for Fido 20th Anniversary data bonus?

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Not eligible for Fido 20th Anniversary data bonus?

Hello all,


I texted ' GIFT ' to 2020 and got this message:


Hi, it's Fido: Hmm, our system isn't recognizing you as being on the list for our 20th anniversary data offer. Head on over to to find out how you can get it. You might want to bookmark that page-it's where the party will happen, with tons more surprises!


My question is how come I'm not eligible to get the 1 gb data bonus? Below I copy pasted the the eligible criteria and ineligible criteria. I fall under the eligible one so just wondering why I didn't get the bonus?


Who is eligible for the data bonus?

All new and existing eligible postpaid customers qualify for 1GB of free bonus data (500MB a month for 2 months). All Fido prepaid customers who make the switch to a postpaid plan during the offer period (Oct. 7–24, 2016) will automatically receive the data bonus.


Who isn’t eligible for the data bonus?
  • Existing customers with a pre-existing data bonus offer on their line which is not available to the general public.
  • Customers on Fido prepaid plans.
  • Customers with plans or add-ons that include unlimited data.


Thank you for reading! Is there a way I can get the data bonus?




@fidouser9 is your plan an old grandfathered plan? I have the old $56 plan and i did not get the extra data it said I already have a better offer thats because I have a 1gb extra for 12 months but the odd thing is I got the 1gb on another line that also have a 1gb for 12 months promo.

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My plan is the $27 before taxes: 300minutes, unlimited text, voicemail, and no data.

Hi @fidouser9 & welcome to the Community!


When did you activate your Fido account, and did you get one of our limited time offer plans that had an extra GB of data?


Let me know. Smiley

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My account was activated about a month ago. I removed my number from my dad's account and opened my own account if that changes anything. We have the same plan; $27 before tax includes 300minutes, unlimited text, voicemail, no data. My dad's number was successful in getting the data bonus promotion but not me and we have the same plan.
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Hey @fidouser9


In these kinds of situations following a transfer or new activation it is possible that your number was not added on the list of eligible customers for these text message replies. However you should still be able to benefit from this offer! Smiley 


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look into this together. 

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Hey there,

I don't seem to be able to get the bonus data - I've called in to ask and no one has been able to give me an answer why. I signed up for Fido at the end of Sept (new account) and am on the $50 plan with 500min Canada-wide and 2gb data (1gb + 1gb bonus). My boyfriend, who has been with Fido for a few years, switched to the same plan as I did a couple days after I did. He was able to get the bonus data, so I just wanted to know why I was not able to - as the FAQ section says eligibility is based on plans, not that new signups are excluded or that old clients are only eligible.
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Welcome to the community @Chloe2! Smiley


What error message are you getting when you try to register? 

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In the "late to the party category", the answer to you question is...

Since you transferred your number from your dad's account to your own only one month prior, you did not qualify for the gift because your account is a "new activation". Your account would have had to been active for a minimum 90 days to qualify for the gift.