Not able to link to new mobile account to my email

Not able to link to new mobile account to my email

Not able to link to new mobile account to my email

I'm a Participant Level 2

Not able to link to new mobile account to my email

I have a MY FIDO account on using my email, and I have a mobile account (pre-paid) and internet account under the same email account. This is good because I can view both of my Fido services under my page, and pay bills.

3 days ago, I got a new phone number (post paid) from Fido for my mom, but under my Name, because I will pay the bills and pay attention to the usage. Everything is fine in the store, the mobile account was set up correctly using my email and under my Name and address.  However, I don't see the new mobile account under my My Fido account on


So I contact Fido Customer Service about this issue, they told me to register the new account. Then when I tried to register, and put my email address, I got the following error.

Screenshot from 2018-08-29 19-22-03.png


I called customer service again, but they said nothing can be done. Which means I have to use a new email to register this new account.


This is so not making any sense, I have to switch between two accounts to view all my Fido services. 


I have two services under one email already, why adding a third one become impossible.


Does anyone has the same issue?


Hey @luffy_ca,


Welcome to the Community!


We'd also like to welcome your mom to Fido, we're happy to have her!


I understand how important it is to be able to keep track of your services at one place and I'll be glad to go over this with you.


You're supposed to see all the accounts under the same online account if all of them have the same email address registered on our side, meaning you would've had to register the same email address on your new post paid line (your mom's) as on the other 2.


All the accounts would also have to be linked in the system on our side.


I'll send you a PM shortly to take a closer look into it with you Smiley


I'm a Participant Level 2

Hello @FidoClaudia,


Thank you for taking a look, I have filled out the form you sent me.


The problem is that I tried to register with the same email, but the error message popped up and not allow me to do so. Right now, I can't see my online bills. 


It will save my day if you can help to solve this.


Thank you.

We've replied to your PM, we'll be happy to see how we can help with that. 


Chat soon Smiley