No voicemail notifications suddenly

No voicemail notifications suddenly

No voicemail notifications suddenly

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No voicemail notifications suddenly

Hi. I recently stopped receiving the voicemail notification. I have not made any changes to the plan or the phone. Pls help, while I do not have data on my plan, I was at least previously receiving notifications,on screen of any messages. I recently upgraded my voicemail box to 35, and When I checked it today,there were 3 messages, unheard from over 1 week ago. This renders the purpose of the messages useless.

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Hey @Neriskhyra,


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You're at the right place, we'll help you with that Smiley


I'll need to ask you a few more questions to better assist you.


1. You mentioned that you recently upgraded your voicemail to the Visual Voicemail. When was that done?


2. You also mentioned that it recently stopped, was the service working correctly before? 


3. What model of cellphone are you currently using?


Let us know!

Hey Neriskhyra! We haven't heard back, was your issue resolved? 


Let the community know!

I'm a Participant Level 2

No, I am still getting no notification when I have new voicemails

Hey @Neriskhyra


Can you tell us if you're able to send and receive SMS messages no problem? 


This kind of information helps us determine the proper troubleshooting direction for the Voicemail notifications. 


Keep us posted. Smiley