No regard for customers

No regard for customers

No regard for customers

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No regard for customers

I bought a phone from fido but it started freezing up but because it was only a hundred dollars i didnt mi d keeping it. But then at work or somewhere it got lost. But before it got lost i called fido to upgrade my phone to a p10lite and they said yes we will send it to you in two days.... I am still waiting for the **bleep**ing phone.... They are a joke



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Hey @,Josesibrio,


Welcome to the Community. 


I'm sorry to see you feel this way. I'm sure we're doing everything possible to get you your new phone as quickly as possible! 


Did you get a chance to check your emails for a tracking number? 

Hey @Josesibrio!


Any update on this for us? Did you get your device?

Let us know!