No email confirmation!

No email confirmation!

No email confirmation!

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No email confirmation!



This is Jenny. I purchase an iPhoneSE 64gb on Monday Sept.19,2016 for the amount of $114.98 and I didnt get any email confirmation from Fido but they charged my credit card until now I didnt received the phone. When i called the customer service they told me they cannot trace my transaction no phone was delivered, though i called my bank if the transaction was made through, it was successful and they gave me the confirmation no. I just want to request to atleast refund what i paid online and i will purchase the iPhoneSE 64gb in the store.


I hope you will respond to me as soon as possible since the phone has good offer now.





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Hello this is jenny i cannot see the message you sent me from previous account i am now at my new account how was the request of refund?
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Hey @jennymaegan


That definitely doesn't sound right!


Did you double-check your spam or junk folder in case the confirmation email was accidentally redirected there?


In either case I'll send you a PM so we can check this out together. Smiley 

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I am having the same issue!
I have placed an order this morning and I have only received an email stating the change on phone plan but not the phone itself.
And I'm certain the payment has gone through.
I contacted customer support prior to this message but they said they do not have access to such information.
Please provide help asap.

Hey @Huii!


We sent you a PM, did you get it?


Did you get an email confirmation for your order afterall?


Let us know!