No data on my new SIM/Phone

No data on my new SIM/Phone

No data on my new SIM/Phone

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No data on my new SIM/Phone



I received a new Nano-SIM that was activated on 01/12/2018. I am trying to use the SIM on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (unlocked, international version), and I am having issues connecting to data and internet services. There are no issues with texts and phone calls. I am also able to use wifi and all other functions on the phone with no problems. The only issue is my data connection.


I am unable to trouble shoot the issue further. Please help!


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Hey @Afpalisoc


Did @Cawtau's suggestion help? Let us know! Smiley

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Hello Afpalisoc,


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  Have you verified that the phone is using the proper APN? You can verify those settings here. Since the phone is LTE-capable, it should be using the ltemobile.apn.


  Additionally, since the phone is the global version of the S8, you might consider trying to enable roaming data. Some phones from other markets can think they are roaming even though they use a local SIM.


Hope this helps Smiley