No confirmation email.

No confirmation email.

No confirmation email.

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No confirmation email.

Hello everyone,

my name is Alex and I was a Fido customer(2 lines) until last Black Friday when I switched carriers because I found a very good promo deal. Two weeks ago I received some calls from Fido (8442776920) in order for me to transfer both lines back and return to Fido. 

Long story short I agreed as I was offered really good plans, new phones and an account credit. Last Thursday I talked to a CSR, I agreed, she took all my info again over the phone and I was told that I’ll receive a confirmation email 24-48 hours later with all the details and that the new phones and SIM cards will be sent and take between 3-5 business days to arrive. 

Since now I haven’t received the confirmation email. The first time I was called, a couple of weeks ago, I was hesitant to do it over the phone and I asked for a reference number in order for me to go and complete it in a store, but I was told that the offer is valid only over the phone... the reason is that for me to leave my current carrier I have to pay about 1.000 $ for both lines so i want confirmation BEFORE porting my numbers!!! I’m sorry but I’ve heard stories of people who were told things and got different things at the end. I just want to have a confirmation email with the offer, that’s all. 

Update: i messaged Fido through messenger earlier and I was just messaged back from a CSR. Apparently my exclusive offer is still pending and they have to call me and complete it with me!!

Come on guys, seriously?

Do I have to keep messaging you to find out  5 days later that it’s still pending?

I agreed last Thursday and I was even called Friday morning again because the agent wanted to double check the colour of the phones that I wanted...

I had a good experience with Fido before and I want to come back but this in not very encouraging...




Hey there @Alekspara,


Have you received any new updates since? You do not have to worry about porting your numbers for now, once we've confirmed everything with you we'll process the requests on your behalf.


I'll send you a PM so we can follow up on this with you. Talk you soon.

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And the adventure continues!!! After 4 weeks my order got finally processed yesterday , but only the one line! The second is not processed and also the CSR got the phone colour wrong too! Apparently although it’s not shipped yet it has to get shipped first and then call again to request an exchange!

The offer was for 2 lines and I made sure that I’ll receive 2 phones with 2 SIM cards because I’m in a family plan with Bell and I can’t port 1 number at the time, I’ll transfer both right away. But the 1 line is processed( phone is on the way) and the other one is still pending (nobody knows when it will be processed) and I was surprised to find out that I started getting charged for my monthly plan since yesterday Friday the 13th although the one phone is on the way and nobody knows when I’m receiving the 2nd one. So I cannot port my lines and I can’t use it and I’m already getting charged for it!!!

in the meantime I was told three times that my order was processed in three different dates!

i literally had to contact customer service 10 times in the last 3 weeks to find out what’s going on with my account and I get different information from every person I talk too! It’s always the outbound team and nobody can contact them. This outbound team is Fido isn’t it?

I’me not the kind of person that likes complaining as I’m in the customer service industry too but I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Everything is just a huge mess and a huge waste of time! I was offered a great deal and Fido is great regarding to coverage, plans and pricing but anything more than that it’s just a mess!


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I just got of the phone with a supervisor after being on the phone for 1.5 hours. He gave me directions about the phone exchange (wrong colour) and clarified the process for the 2nd line. 

I was also offered a credit so I don’t pay for the time that I can’t use the plan and for the inconvenience too. 

I wasn’t expecting that and it is much appreciated. 

Hopefully everything will go smooth from now on and we’ll be able to finish this long process.



Hey @Alekspara


I'm happy to learn that everything's finally resolved!  I'm sure everything will go smoothly from now on Smiley


Enjoy your weekend!



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I already received the first phone yesterday Monday April 16th and apparently the second phone is not even shipped yet! I hope it doesn’t take 1 month to ship like the first one...

No need to worry, Alekspara, you're in good hands!


We're working on it and we'll keep you updated. 

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I got updated through messenger. I’ve heard a few times that the order was approved-processed- completed- fulfilled and everything you can imagine but no shipment yet. Apparently it’s in the warehouse waiting to be shipped. That’s a new one.

I think we might just keep the one with the wrong colour too because we don’t want to wait any longer.

Maybe when your outbound team tries to bring customers back you should tell them that it’ll take about a month and not 3-5 days that I’ve been hearing for the last 4 weeks!!

if I was told that from the beginning I wouldn’t complain and just sit back and wait. 

The only reason I haven’t canceled everything  yet is because the deal of the plans is very good and we want the new phones too.


I get how you feel, Alekspara! Your recent experience with us doesn't really inspire confidence.


It may not feel like it, but, I assure you that we're here for you and we're doing everything er can to get your device to you as fast as we can.


If your device's order status has been confirmed as in the warehouse, then it will only be 2-4 days for you to receive your device as it's just waiting for the courrier to pick it up. 

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And now I received the plan confirmation email for the second line and it’s a different plan!!! 

It was supposed to be the exact same like the first line 60$ extra large plan 5GB with iPhone 8 for 0$ and a credit to the account and I received the email which says the plan is 115$ and that we’re paying for the device.

ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME!!! What the hell is going on here!!!

Hey Alekspara, I noticed that we're already looking into this with you on Facebook. We'll continue the conversation there.