No Voicemail Notification

No Voicemail Notification

No Voicemail Notification

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No Voicemail Notification

I recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung A5, with Android 7.0. Since doing so, I get absolutely no indication of voicemail waiting for me.

My plan summary tells me I have Visual Voicemail and WhoCalled. My understanding is that Fido's Visual Voicemail no longer works with Android, even though it's still preloaded on the phone. I also understand that WhoCalled only covers calls missed when the phone was off or had no service.

I'd like to know if there is any other way of being notified of a voicemail. Not knowing there's a message waiting makes voicemail pretty useless

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With the assistance of FidoNick, my voicemail is now working properly. Thanks Nick!

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Hi. I recently stopped receiving the voicemail notification. I have not made any changes to the plan or the phone. Pls help

Hey again @dnetter!


Did you figure this out? If so, let us know how! I'm certain the info will help others!



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Data on, MMS on everything else works fine

Hey @dnetter


Thanks for the update.


I'll send you a PM soon so we can take a look a your account together!


Talk to you soon Smiley

Hey @dnetter!


Have you checked to ensure your data is turned on and that you're able to receive picture messages? For Visual Voicemail, they do come through as MMS so we'd have to ensure your MMS services are working.

Try to send yourself a picture, if you receive it then your MMS messaging is working and we'll have to take a closer look into your account! Keep in mind data must be on for MMS to work Smiley


Keep us posted!



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I'm having the same problem after switching over from Rogers, where I had the voicemail with only 3 stored messages for 3 days, so seems to be the same voicemail plan as my Fido account now. Have data turned on, can send and receive MMS, but the Andoid voicemail waiting indicator icon does not show up, nor do I get a system notification that I have voicemail. The text message from phone number 18 is kind of useless for me because usually I can't go to my voicemail inbox right away to hear it, and if I get another text from someone else I will forget that I have a voicemail. I need to have the VWI icon/breadcrumb notification showing to remind me I still have an unheard message in my voicemail inbox. If it requires premium voicemail, I believe I should be given that add-on for free to make this basic function work. I think I remember seeing a Voicemail (call phone #) setting when I was with Rogers, but can't find anything like that in my settings now that I'm on Fido with the same phone (Android 8.0.0). Thanks.

Hello @Kadylak and welcome to the Community.

What phone model are you using?


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My phone is a Sony Xperia C Compact running Android 8.

Hey @Kadylak


Did you get a chance to restore your phone to see if you get the same result? 

Of course, you would need to make sure to back up you information first.


Let me know.

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Hi FidoKenny,

Finally got around to doing a factory reset on my phone. A bit annoying that a number of settings don't get backed up and took hours to restore all my text messages.
Tried to see if leaving a voicemail shows the system notification but no change. Just a text message. See attached screenshot of the top of my phone's screen where the cassette tape icon is missing and system notification to be able to call voicemail directly (whereas it would show up before when I was with Rogers).

2018-12-17 12.37.58.png 

Hey @Kadylak!


I just want to make sure that we're on the same page here. 


When did you switch over to Fido from Rogers?


Are you using the mini voicemail or do you have the Android Visual Voicemail?


Let us know!

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I switched to Fido from Rogers on November 24. Voicemail notification hasn't been working since then. I have mini voicemail, which is the same as I had with Rogers. I am wondering if I can be put on Android Visual Voicemail to verify that that would fix the problem on Fido, as it seems I'm not alone (including my wife with her Windows phone).

Alrighty. Thanks for clarifying!


Sadly, in that case, we will not have a way to change the way that your voicemail notifications are received. Your voicemail is actually functioning as it should. On our service, when you have the Mini Voicemail feature, the only notification system that we have is by text message. 


You can find more info about this subject on both of these threads: here and here.


Also, the Android Visual Voicemail feature is something that is long discontinued, however, if you add our $7 Value, which comes with:


- Name Display 

- Premium Voicemail-to-text

- Unlimited US & International text, picture, and video messages

- US & International Premium Calling Rate to mobile and landline phones

- 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes


Then with the premium Voicemail-to-text you'll get the audio and a text with the transcription of your voicemail messages whenever you receive a new message.


If you'd lke to add that, let us know and we'll send you a PM so that we can get that going for you. 

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Two things:


1. How do I escalate that this feature be implemented on the Fido system like nearly every other carrier, also considering I got the text message notification and the Android system notification.


2. How do I get recompensed for the hours of time wasted resetting my phone when that clearly would not have accomplished anything.




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Hey @Kadylak,


We'll need to check this out with you, I'll send you a PM Smiley


Talk to you soon!

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Hi @anon5 & welcome to the Community!


Was your voicemail recently added, and do you by chance have the iPhone visual voicemail? That may be why you're not getting notifications.


Let me know. Smiley

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As I pointed out in my original post, I have a Samsung A5, running Android 7.0. The visual voicemail app is the one that came preloaded on the phone.

I got the phone in December 2017, but my plan, including voicemail, has been in place for over 5 years.

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Thanks for clarifying @anon5 !


I'll send you a PM to make sure everything on the account is set up properly!