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My phone has had 'no service' all day today. I went into a fido store this morning and my phone was re-booted. When that didn't work my SIM card was changed and re-activated. After that didn't work fido told me that the network is down for some people but would come back in a few hours. This was almost 9 hours ago. What else can I do?



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Hey  @ams1216


So sorry to hear this. An issue like this isn't fun at all Sad The Fido community is filled with knowledgable people. I think you're at the right place to fix this ! 


Did you check the networkAid tool here :


It might be a great place to start. 


Is the "no service" issue happening at multiple locations ? 






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I did check the NetworkAid. My phone cannot call, text, use voice-mail, or data. It has no service no matter where I am in the city.



What phone do you currently use ?


Would you have another Fido phone you could try with your current Fido sim card? 



Hey ams1216!


Welcome to the Community!


Are you still unable to connect to the network?


Let us know!

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have you tried a manual network scan? sometimes you have to go into the network menu of your phone (varies depending on model) and choose the scan for networks option to see if your phone can detect other provider networks, it will give u helpful info if its the phone's PA that has died, or if the setting in your phone got corrupted, or if the network itself is having problems.

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If you are using a S7 Edge, please post here;


You are not alone.