New web site design

New web site design

New web site design

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New web site design

I really don't like the new web site. I used to know where to find things, but now I have to hunt for everything. In what way is the new design an improvement?


In particular, where do I find my contract end date? I can understand why you'd want to hide it from your customers, but that's all the more reason to switch to one of your competitors, which is what I plan to do when my contract comes to an end. That's why I need to find the end date.






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Add my name to the (likely) long list of subscribers who find the web page convoluted & difficult to navigate - and that's when the links actually connect to what they seem to suggest they represent. Full marks for ambiguity and designer deviousness, if that was the intention!
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I'm with dkettle on this, and have already sent off my two cents. While I can understand wanting to appeal to a wider demographic through simplicity, cutting out a large chunk of very useful information that -(tbh) we are paying for- is extremely disappointing. The previous layout was highly informative and simple to navigate at the same time.

What gives? 😕

Hey @Arxblsdeep and welcome to the Community Smiley

Your feedback is appreciated as well.


This is definitely something that we'll put in communication witht the people taking care of this.



Hey @dkettle and thank you for using the Community Smiley


It's really sad to see that you're planning on leaving Fido.


Basically, to look at when your agreement end, it's pretty simple:


- You can go on the My  Account page

- From there, you can click on the number on which you would like to confirm the agreement date

- At the bottom of the page, you will see *UPGRADE MY DEVICE** in yellow

- From there, you will see 2 sections on top  : **Free Upgrade** + **Upgrade today Fee**


You can see a date on the Free Upgrade section.  That date represents the day when you're eligible for a free upgrade. You're always eligible 1 month before the end of your contract.


So let's say that the date showing up is today February 23rd 2016, then this means that your agreement ends in the next 30 days on March 23rd 2016.


Hope this helps. And we certainly don't want to see you go for this. I'm sending you a PM to discuss your options.

Talk to you soon Smiley





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Thanks. Not exactly intuitive, is it? Why don't you just say "your contract expires on ..."?



I can understand that.


Your feedback is appreciated.


I will make sure to forward this to the people in charge. We're alwasy working on making the website better.