New travel package

New travel package

New travel package

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New travel package

I've been fido client for the past 17 years but unfortunately I never received the service i pay for.
I travel alot and always have an issue with travel package especially when my destination is overseas.
Last call before changing company
Hope to hear from you soon



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Hi Claudia
When I say I got fed up from fido because of this kind of answer
Go check my file before asking me for more details

Hi @Rmcinc,


I'll be more than happy to look at your file to help you out. However, I will need your name and phone number to do so Smiley


I'm sending you a PM.


Talk to you soon Smiley



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Hi Maria
My problem with fido is:
When i ever i buy a travel pack i have ti call fido for the nest 3-4 months to settle the over charge
Second they change my plan without my request
Third i keep receiving weird messages from fido and when i call i get from the agent

Hi @Rmcinc


The overusage charges depend on your travel destination and the Travel Pack chosen.


Usage alerts are sent as you use up the data included in the pack so you know how much you’ve consumed.


If you do go over the data bucket allowed, you can track your data overage charges by texting USAGE to 3330 at any time for free.


We never change your plan without your request and authorisation.


Are you referring to monthly discounts? If yes, these are not included in the plan and expire once the period they were offered for comes to an end.  We indicate the expiry dates 2 invoices ahead to remind you of it.


Finally, can you give me more details about those messages that your keep receiving? 







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Hi @Rmcinc & welcome to the Community! 


We definitely don't want to see you go. Sad


Can you clarify what you mean by never receiving the service you pay for? What issues are you having with your travel packs?