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New sim card to access LTE

I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

I'm using the original Sim card from back in 97 when I first signed up with Fido. I just purchased a unlocked Samsung S4 but I cant seem to get LTE signal at all the most I receive is H+.  Do anyone think a new Sim would make a difference? I dont want to waste $10 and have the hassle of changing over all my contacts if it wont make a difference. Any help would be appreciated



I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3
Thanks so much for your help i got a new sim and now the phone is getting LTE. Your help is very much appreciated.

Glad to know it's up & running ^_^

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey eurocar11!


In order to be access the LTE network, you need to have an LTE compatible phone, and LTE SIM card, and be within an area where we offer LTE service. 


The SIM card that you are using is not an LTE SIM card so this would affect your ability to connect to our LTE network. You could pick up and activate a new LTE SIM card at any of our stores. Remember that, if you need to activate a new SIM card, you can copy the contacts from your existing SIM card to the phone so that they won't be lost during the change. To do this you can follow these steps: 


- From the Home screen, tap Contacts > tap the menu button > tap Import/Export,

- Tap Import from SIM card,

- At the Save contact to prompt, tap Device or an account name that you would like to copy the contact to. The phone will then display a list of your current contacts stored on your SIM card,

- Tap the contacts to place a checkmark adjacent to those entries you wish to have copied to your phone. Repeat this step for all individual entries you wish copied to your phone or tap Select all to place a checkmark alongside all entries,

- Tap Done to copy. The selected numbers will be copied to the phone.


I see that you are using an unlocked phone. You may also want to check the specifications of the device to ensure that the model that you are using has access to our LTE network. To access LTE network, the phone must be compatible with:

- 700 MHz on Band 17;
- 1700/2100 MHz on Band 4;
- 2600 MHz on Band 7.
If you are unsure of the specifications of your device, do you alternately know the model number of the unlocked S4 you have?
Lastly, since the phone is unlocked, it has not been configured for our network. This means that you may need to configure the APN settings under your network settings. You can follow these steps to complete the set up:
- Tap on Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names;
- Once on the APN screen, press the Options button on the device;
- Tap on New APN
- Enter a name into the APN Name field.
-Please insert the following APN settings:
APN Settings:
APN: Fido-core-appl1.apn
If you have a LTE device, use the following setting: LTEMOBILE.APN
MMS (Picture & Video Messaging Settings):
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
Leave the following fields blank: Proxy, Port, User Name, Password, Server
- Press the Options button on your device, tap on Save in order to save the APN settings.
- Restart the phone and try browsing the Internet.
NOTE:  The created APN will show up on the APNs screen. To activate the APN, tap on the radio button located in front of APN.
Hope this helps!