New mobile customer, confirmation email not sent

New mobile customer, confirmation email not sent

New mobile customer, confirmation email not sent

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New mobile customer, confirmation email not sent

I attempted to activate my unlocked phone on Fido's website two weeks ago, transfering my old number from Rogers.  It seemed like everything went smoothly and I ended up on a page confirming that a confirmation email was sent, my credit card was successfully charged, and that my new number was the same as my old. I didn't recieve the email right away which I assumed was due to the long weekend so I've been waiting patiently... Two weeks on and still no email in my inbox. Yes, I've checked my spambox. Yes, I've double checked that I registered with the right email. Tongue


While I waited I was tinkering with my phone and its simcard and it activated with the wrong number. (Oops) So I do have access to the Fido network, but I need my old number back, and I haven't recieved the promised email for two weeks now.


I need someone to help transfer my old cell number, which is still being billed through Rogers.


On a related note, after searching through the community forums I've noticed that it's common to have to wait 24-48 hours for this email. Someone should notify the web design team that it's bad practice to automatically say "a confirmation email has been sent" when it's known that the email will be delayed 24-48 hours. The page should say "a confirmation email will be sent". The current wording suggests instantaneous delivery and results in the user/customer wasting time refreshing their inbox for an email that hasn't been sent.


Hey @Laverick and welcome to the Community.

I can verify the status for the transfer of your number to us.

The feedback is appreciated, I will make sure to forward your ideas to the team in charge.


For future reference, you can also reach us through our other channels here for anything concerning your Fido account.


I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into. Talk to you soon Smiley