New Site Layout Feedback and Issue

New Site Layout Feedback and Issue

New Site Layout Feedback and Issue

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New Site Layout Feedback and Issue

I have had problems accessing my account with this new layout. The "username and password" field would occasionally not pop up for me. I had to disable my adblocker, which is an inconvinience since I do forget to enable it again when browsing to other sites. On some instance, the field would not show up at all despite having the adblocker/popup blocker turned off. Mind you I have tried it on my mobile browser, computer browser and even on a tablet. It seems the username/password field box are being considered popup by adblocker. With Adblock on: and Off:


As for the layout itself, although stylish and becoming more modern, has lost its simplicity and efficient functionality. With the old layout, you have all the options in plain view, simply clicking on the option you desire would directly transfer you to the page needed. Now it takes several clicks, having to explore the drop down menus to see whats inside, only to be slightly irked cause thats not what you are looking for.



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Ditto to all the comments regarding the web site! How can an Internet/phone provider be so inept at such critical components! The Account page is a rabbit warren of dead ends & wrong turns... very poorly designed!
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Same opinion here, I also have gotten error messages when trying to load certain features. Please go back to the old website.
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This New Layout is so confusing and so hard to read, Its so not user friendly, I have too much Yellow and too much white. so bright that its so distracting to find the info that you are looking for.


Seriously, you guys need to change it or give the option to the user to use old layout.


and changing the official email account that you guys use to send billing info, totally not a smart move, I really hope you guys noticed the dropped in cash flow this month because of this move, everyone got the bills in the junk mail, we are so busy to check junk and make sure we pay every single bill.


worst move ever since I joined Fido

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I detest the new layout - compared to the one we had before which was easy to navigate with everything accessible fairly easily.  I get thoroughly tired of companies that keep changing with all sorts of narcisstic comments about new layouts, etc.  Wastes my time.  Has this got anything to do with Rogers Communications, I wonder?  My guess is that it does.  I've always avoided them like the plague in the past and will do so now because too quickly they will find a way to exploit the consumer.  I abhor that kind of behaviour.  I have always been fond of the simplicity of my Fido phone but I'm not stupid enough to stick with Rogers if they start acting like jerks.  Sorry, for the language, but to me that exactly describes Rogers' behaviour, only surpassed by Bell.  Thankfully we now have more options in Ontario when it comes to mobile phones.  The other aspect I don't want to forget is that the staff at Fido in my experience have always been FANTASTIC - patient, helpful, intelligent.  I hope they are being treated with respect by Rogers because staff are a vital component when it comes to success.  Success is not making more money and exploiting the customer to the best of your ability.  I do not want to deal with someone in India BTW when it comes to my CANADIAN telephone service.  I have absolutely no problem dealing with someone from India working here, but not interested in offshore "service."

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re. the site functionality.


Re. the new site: My sentiments exactly! Who the h^ll is putting this together? It makes absolutely no sense.

I'm an 18 yr.  Fido customer, and believe I'm relatively adept at getting around Internet sites. This one is a tangled mess. The tabs send you to another generalized page, & when you hit what 'you think should take you to your info goal' it takes you back to a generalized page.

Why not a page for "your account" (account breakdown & balance, Usage, etc., etc.) with one tab showing on the banner 'My Account' that will take you "directly" to your account?  "You know, A site perhaps, exactly like the one that has been recently scrapped"?

Fido has indicated that putting this site together is an 'ongoing process, & something about "awesome".

I'm sorry. If the end product ends up looking 'anything' like  what's in front of our eyes right now, the descriptive word, "awesome" will be 'the mother of all misnomers'.

This is 'not' a blanket shot at Fido, but aimed at whoever thought it would be a great plan to dump an easily navigable  & very functional site, in favor of this aberration. 

Thanks for reading this.





Hey Retsbew!


Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate your honesty and point of view regarding the website and Rogers. 

We are currently working on fixing some bugs we had on our website. Should be back soon!



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I'm Qualified Level 2

I agree with you. In addition to AdBlock, I also use NoScript, but the new site calls scripts from 4 or 5 other web sites, none of which I'm willing to blindly allow all the time. So I end up allowing them temporarily, do what I need, the revoke those temporary permissions.


Also not a big fan of the Fisher-Price interface. I liked seeing the plans in a table, all within view. Now I need to scroll to see all of them. Lots of wasted whitespace, big useless images that take up enough space that I always need to scroll to get to what I want (such as here in the forums).


Similar for device selection: I liked having the iPhones, Android, and (would-now-be-empty) Windows phones on separate tabs - I have no interest in iPhones or Windows phones, so showing them to me is pointless.


The new interface provides no added value (unless "ooooh! Pretty!" is of value to you), and is less user-friendly that the old one.

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@DuLLaHaN & @zyx Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback about our website; I'll forward it to the appropriate team. Smiley