Need help comparing Fido phone options

Need help comparing Fido phone options

Need help comparing Fido phone options

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Need help comparing Fido phone options


I'm overwhelmed by cell phone options! I don't know what is the "right" Fido phone for me. If someone has opinions on the Samsung S6, Huawei Nova Plus, or LG G4 please do share them!


Here are the things that I use my cell phone for:

texting, emailing, indoor photo taking, google mapping/gps instructions, web surfing and a few calls a week.


I don't play games with graphics, I'd like to take better selfies for social media.


My current phone is a Sony Xperia M2 I very quickly became frustrated by the camera. It is slow and generally does a bad job with indoor photos. I don't have a big budget so I'm trying to find the best and least expensive option for me.


So, what do you think??? I'm interested in suggestions.  A fido representative on social media sent me here and said you'd have opinions!




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My wife has LG G4, I used LG G3 and G5.  They are great phones.  We (me and my wife) are happy with the cameras in these phones.  The nice thing with G4 and G5 is that it has Quick Charging (QC 2.0 for the G4, and QC 3.0 for LG G5) This means with the appropriate charger, your phone can charge from 0 to 80% in 30 - 40 minutes whereas it will take > 60 minutes to get from 0 % to 60%.(Note: actual results will vary)


My Mother in law has a Samsung S6 and she loves it. Her photos are great and she takes photos of everything (and yes, I mean everything). The only down side to this phone is that it does not have external memory option so you are limited to whatever the phone comes with 32 GB (or was it 64 GB).  This phone has QC 2.0 as well.


I don't know much about Huawei.  They are a popular brand in China.  I have no issues with them whatsoever but it will probably be my last choice unless I am tight on budget. 


Apple phones never really caught on with me so I am not the right person to provide advice.

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Hi @DoulaL!


I recently switched from a Galaxy S5 to an iPhone, something I swore I would never do, and I am amazed with the camera.

However, if you are sticking with Android, I would recommend the Huawei Nova Plus. You are getting a flagship phone at budget cost, packed with all the features you are looking for.


Hope that helps!

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Personally, I'm an iPhone enthusiast (the iPhone SE has a great camera packed into a small yet affordable phone), but whenever I want straightforward reviews I visit CNET. When you pick a phone, they have a PROS, CONS, and BOTTOM LINE section right at the top as well as a video review typically of the handset. Always helpful.


Samsung S6 -


LG G4 -


Huawei Nova Plus - (No official review)