Need confirmation

Need confirmation

Need confirmation

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Need confirmation



I ordered a phone online on Nov. 19, but I wanted to apply my Fido Dollars. The advice given over the phone was to go ahead and order, then to call back as soon as I get the confirmation email with a tracking number. This seemed to match the advice given in on of the threads on this forum, so I decided to go ahead with the order.


After receiving the confirmation email and the phone delivered (all within the same day on Nov. 21), I tried live chatting and phoning Fido and was given two different replies. Over the phone, I was told I had to wait a few more days for my account to update to show that I had made a recent purchase (he said he couldn't find my order on his end). However, when I logged in, I can see that my device listed was the one I had ordered.


On live chat, I was told I had to wait for the bill to be issued before reaching out. During this chat, we agreed to have him file the request to apply my Fido Dollars. He also told me that it would take 24 hours to update and that these changes would reflect on my next bill.


Here is my problem: I received my next bill today. But nowhere on it is my purchase, and therefore, I can't tell if FIdo Dollars would be applied. I would like to know if using Fido Dollars would be honoured. I can't wait for the next bill because it would be beyond the returnable period for the phone and I don't want to keep it if I can't use my Fido Dollars. Sorry for the long read, but can somebody help me with this?



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Hi @jjjddd!


If we request the application of the FidoDollars for you, they are applied within 4 business days and your balance would then be updated accordingly. 


I'll send you a PM shortly so we can take a look at your account and check the status of that together Smiley 


Talk to you soon!