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Move from Bell to Fido is a worst mistake.

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I was a very happy customer with Bell until i received a call from Fido on 20th November, they offered me 25% discount of a similar plan which i had with Bell and also offered me $0 downpayment for 128GB Note 9 phone.

I fell for it and they sent me the sim card on 22nd November which i activated a little after that and ported out my number from Bell to Fido. Then starts the story of worst customer service experience ever, they didn't send Note9 with the sim card so i called and asked the reason, i was told that its back-ordered and there is a backorder of 1 week so i will get it in a week time, i said okay and waited for a week, no signs of any phone. Called back again and the service rep was unaware of what is going on and why i didn't receive the phone and she confirmed that the phone is back in stock , also opened a ticket and told me to wait another 2 days to get any response, i waited another 2 days and didn't receive any response from Fido. I called again and i was told to wait another 7 business days to have any progress on the ticket, which i again did, but i also contacted them a few times in between just to see if things are moving. But to my surprise, nothing happened and the service rep told me to keep on waiting as they don't have any clue. Now after 7 more business days they told me today to wait few more days and that they have escalated the issue. 

It just feel like an infinite amount of wait with no progress at all, even the service reps have no idea whats going on, i feel sorry for them too. 

I am cursing myself why i left Bell, Fido's customer service is the worst i have ever experienced. 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @saadmalik


Thank you for posting Smiley 


That is definitely not the kind of experience we aim to offer. 


I understand the importance of being able to use your device. 


I will be sending you a PM shortly so we can look into all of it together!