More Data than 5gb to 6 gb

More Data than 5gb to 6 gb

More Data than 5gb to 6 gb

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More Data than 5gb to 6 gb

I think Fido needs to have plans that are higher than the 5gb to 6gb  plans they offer now. Im pretty sure im not the only customer who is a heavy user when it comes to data consumption. When the other companies are offering 9 to 30 gb plans and fido being stuck at 5gb to 6 gb, it might be worth it to switch. Even when being offered spotify premium. Sure its free for 2 years but how much data will we consume while using spotify on top of the other streaming and web based apps. Is 5 to 6gb enough for this day and age ? Im sure i speak for many when i say provide us with plans that have higher data included. Other than that your service and customer service is excellent.




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I would have to agree. Definitely need more than 5gb. Not sure why they wouldnt offer more.
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I'm Qualified Level 2

Meanwhile, my plan has 250MB, and I usually don't go over 200... Smiley Can't think of any way I could use 5GB!


Hello kxngvera and welcome to the community.


Spotify does us data, bu you can listent to your music offline as well.


This way you won't use up all your data. This can be good, even with a heavy data user Smiley


We certainly don't want to see you leave Fido. I would like to verify your options.


I'm sending you a PM. Talk to you soon Smiley