Monthly discount

Monthly discount

Monthly discount

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Monthly discount

Ive been trying to reach out to fido to get a monthly discount for my bill and no matter who I talk to they state "monthly discounts" can not be applied to your account. 


A various # of other phone providers offer monthly discounts for long time customers. Why is it that fido cannot offer the same? Ive been with fido for 10 + years. Very annoying. 

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Hi @elletran & welcome to the Community. Smiley


Not all offers are compatible with all plans, and our offers change quite often.


If you'd like me to go over your options with you, I'd be more than happy to. Let me know!


Hello @elletran,


Welcome to the community!


Every provider have different promotions I can not speak for other providers but I know Fido do not match promotions because they have their own. That being said you obviously stayed with Fido for 10+ years and that's probably because they have cheaper plans and a wider good coverage area.


If your current plan is too expensive you can always change to a cheaper plan that's within your budget.