Monthly Prepaid Plan Question

Monthly Prepaid Plan Question

Monthly Prepaid Plan Question

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Monthly Prepaid Plan Question



I currently subscribe to the "By the Month - Talk & Text for 15¢ plan" .  

It used to be for 10¢ but was raised last year.    The plan serves my needs well except for the 50% price increase last year.    


The late last year, I added a text add on as I was starting to use text messaging more often.  When I added the Text add-on, it was Canada and US.    Then in December I noticed I was getting charged for US text messages and noted the change in the add-on that US messages was moved over to International texting.   But I decided I would stay loyal to Fido.  


Then I noted on your revamped website that that my plan includes unlimited Outgoing Texts (Canada to Canada) but you continue to take $5 a month off my balance for the add-on.    There is no ability for me to cancel the add on from the website and when I called 611,  the rep simply told me the website is wrong and would not do it, but offered to move me to a new plan that costs more and doubled my per minute rate from 15 cents to 30 cents a minute.  


Why would I want to increase my calling rates by 150% from what I was paying in January of last year?  


Is your website false advertising?   If the site is correct, can I have the text add-on removed?  


I manage the cell phones for multiple accounts in my family.  Any additional charges in our overall phone usage, would make Fido no longer our most economical cell service provider. Fido double charging.jpg




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Hi beken!


I'd need to look into your account for this. I'm sending you a private message; talk to you soon. Smiley