Modem won't Sync

Modem won't Sync

Modem won't Sync

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Modem won't Sync

I just got off the phone with Support.. My freshly shipped Modem will not come online.  It was installed in the exact location using the same cabling as my Rogers cable Modem.. FIDO support wants to send a tech out, which is not convienient for me at this time.  I am still waiting for a call back .

I would suspect this is an issue on the back end, nothing to do with the physical cabling or levels ( I have worked in the cable/internet industry for over 15 years) . Switching back to my Rogers modem and I am online and in sync in minutes.

My experience so far has not been a positive one ..I originally placed my order  for this service Nov  19 , its almost a month later and I am still not online with FIDO..

 any of the FIDO Guru's able to look into my account and see if this can be fixed



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Hey turbonail1!


Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community!


If your Rogers internet service is still active it might require a splitter in order to have services with both provider working at the same time. 

The tech. that is being sent would most likely install filters on the line. I would make sure to have an appointment to get all up and running!


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I didn't plan on cancelling my Rogers internet service until I tested Fido for a while.  I was also specifically told not to Cancel my Rogers service until Fido was confirmed working  by the initial sales contact.


I hope both services can run in parallel without issue.


I would assume this should be the same as any TPIA service over cable .. I'm not sure why any filters or changes on the cable side should be required.



Usually the tech. would take care of activating the Fido service at your location, not sure if he's going to disable the Rogers connection at that same moment. 

The cable is going to stay the same, only filters might be required, that's what the tech. will take care of.



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Thank you for your input Manuel:


if this is the case , I would consider this to be an oversight in FIDO's process and  should have been done in advance of shipping the modem for  out for a self install . 


One of the reasons I chose to switch to FIDO home internet was the assumed simplicity of the installation process.

I guess I will continue to play the waiting game.  


We will see how this plays out.








@turbonail1 wrote:

...I would consider this to be an oversight in FIDO's process and  should have been done in advance of shipping the modem for  out for a self install . 




Hello Turbonail,


  It is my understanding that if one wishes to use two separate modems from different providers on the same cable, then those modems would have to operate on different frequencies. It is likely that modems use the same default frequency and therefore, at least one of the modems would have to have its frequency changed.


  If true, I do not see how it could be seen as an oversight as most people would not intend to use two different providers at the same time. Self installations are basic installations. Any special requirements (ie two modems, two ISPs) would not be considered a basic install.



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The Rogers technician  just left and as I suspected there is no is RF issue or "filters to be installed."  


It looks like  my FIDO modem is still not provisoned properly or is defective.   Waiting on a call back from a Fido Tech Support..

This is really adding to my frustration, I have been a long time Fido Customer  including  5 cell and a  home phone line.


I hope we can resolve this today.





Keep us posted, we'll see how it goes! 

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it appears they have fixed the provisioning/back end issue.  After another  reset today , the modem is now online.






Thanks for the update @turbonail1!