Missing BYOD New Activation Credit

Missing BYOD New Activation Credit

Missing BYOD New Activation Credit

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Missing BYOD New Activation Credit

So I activated my line during the last week of December. Nevertheless trouble Ive gone through to open this account not only to find out how bad CSR I could get, they kinda refused to change the promo to make it appropriate the website.


When I activated just the night before, the promo was only 60 bill credit. The next day no one tried to help me to get the 120 bill credit... any way I can get this because its quite unfair tbh. I could have just stayed w Koodo instead of going through these headache within less than a month...


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Hey dekvitaly! 


Not sure I understand what's going on. Are you missing a $120 credit? Can you clarify that please? 



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Shes stating that when she signed up. The promo was get $60 off your bill for. The next day after she signed up, FIDO changed the promo to "Get $10 off your bill for 1 year". Shes asking for help to get the promo changed on her account. 

Thanks for clearing that up!


Is that what's going on, @dekvitaly ? 


Can you give us any more info? Just so you know, you can reach us on facebook and twitter for help directly related to your account.