Massive charge of $450

Massive charge of $450

Massive charge of $450

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Massive charge of $450

I'm freaking out right now. My balance owing is $450 right now. I have hardly used my phone for calls in the past month. I checked my call history and it shows me averaging 20+ calls per day to places across country as well as locally. This is rediculous and I dont know what to do. I feel helpless.


Can someone please help me?



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Hi @ilii123 & welcome to the Community. Smiley


Have you had a chance to check out your billing details? To do so


Once in My Account:

  1. From the Overview section, click View Bill.
  2. From the View Bill drop down, choose the invoice date you want to print.
  3. Click on Save/Print this bill (PDF) from the first page of the bill, right under Key highlights.
  4. A PDF version of the invoice will open for you to print.

If there's still anything that you'd like us to check out, let me know and I'll send you a PM.