Marshmallow taking forever to arrive...

Marshmallow taking forever to arrive...

Marshmallow taking forever to arrive...

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Marshmallow taking forever to arrive...

Marshmallow coming in June...

Marshmallow coming soon...




And this topic will be solved NOT when a FidoSomebody gives platitudes (I understand this is all Fido is capable of); it will be solved when I have up to date software on my phone.


I remain thoroughly disappointed with this company...




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Re: Marshmallow taking forever to arrive...

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Hey everyone,


Marshmallow has been rolled out to all of our Axon phones. Enjoy!

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@KAPABLE-K Oh yes and if I hadn't only recently acquired this S6 I'd be buying the Nexus 6P from BestBuy and probably enjoying Nougat before Fido rolls out Marshmallow. I'm still tempted to do just that but I may have to stick it out and when the buyout is more palatable simply find a new carrier with better selection and timely updates. 

@Proac I hear you Android N final preview already was released some say that Google will release the final version this summer.


The rumour is Rogers is trying to get WiFi calling to work on this phone if thats the case I don't see whay they just don't releaset he update without WiFi calling and when they figure it out release another update to enable it. This way everyone is happy.

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Hey @hapa99


We definitely wouldn't want to see you leave! While I cannot push through this software update any faster I would love to take a closer look at your account with you. 


I'll send you a PM right now. Smiley 

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No buddy has offered to look at my account. All I was want to get rid of this Samsung phone and get on with life.

Send me a PM.

Hey @Doogie87


I'm sending you a PM right now Smiley .

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I thought I would share with everyone the PM from fido.

Basically I got the bums rush from them. They said my choices are either buy out my contract or go buy another phone outright. They obviously don't care we stay customers or not. If I do either of those options I sure as H would stay with them.

I have a strong feeling that Rogers are going wind down fido and move the customers under the Rogers banner. No more fido dollars, bad customer service, etc. 

What do you think?

I see Eastlink and Sasktel released a new update that enables WiFi calling and still nothing from Rogers/Fido.

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It is outrageous at this point now, considering as an example using Verizon, they updated to things like WiFi calling, hifi audio and live video broadcast 8 months ago. The software engineers working on this must be incompetent. This must be the case considering how many smaller carriers have this phone updated.

@Doogie87 wrote:



I have a strong feeling that Rogers are going wind down fido and move the customers under the Rogers banner...

Hello Doogie87,


  I don't think that will happen. Fido's target market and Rogers' target market are different. There's a reason the other two of the Big 3 introduced their subsidiaries -- to try to capitalise on some of Fido's target market. Closing down Fido won't drive those customers towards Rogers, it'll drive them to their competition's subsidiaries or other independent competitors. Not a very good business decision... 



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3+ years with Fido (i know its not that long) and the poor response on software updates has been a constant source of frustration for me.  Like you guys say, we pay for a premium smartphone and get shoddy software support from our carrier.  Hard to feel excited about being a FIDO customer right now.  When my term on this phone runs out at the end of the year, i'm definitely going to look into Virgin as my next mobile carrier.  My wife uses them and has never had any complaints

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It is 100% all RCI, I spoke to a manager at Rogers who is just a misinformation agent and he blamed Samsung. I called Samsung they said they have no idea why it has not been pushed as they provided it Months ago. They also verified they provide a Monthly security update, so why is Rogers November?
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Well I see it is the same crapit was a month ago and a month before that etc. These stupid replies from FIDO are getting to me. "It is definitely coming soon" what the hell does that mean. FIDO must have the stupidest engineers in the industry to take 7 months to evaluate and get this out there. 

I am more concerned about the months of security updates we don't have. This is reflecting badly on Samsung as well. I would never buy one of there phones again given this experience.

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Well said, to not push out a security patch that is avail monthly show how much they care about the security of the phones they sell.

No more Samsung and I sent them a feedback saying that exactly, also last contract on Fido.
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I just chatted with a rep at Samsung. They are going to pass this on to their executive. Not sure if it will help.
I I know why fido doesn't carry the LG phones. That can't control the updates.
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It is a debacle, I think it is time they get some help for that intern working on this. My decision is made to be gone as soon as I can, just don't want to pay the over $300 remaining on this phone.
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Hey guys!


We're sad to see that you feel this way! The update will definitely be on its way soon. Keep an eye on our OS Upgrade Schedule page for more info.


@10cc We'd hate to see you go! We'll send you a PM shortly to look into your options. 

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"The update will definitely be on its way soon. Keep an eye on our OS Upgrade Schedule page for more info."

Still think so?

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Well it seems they have manged to get it out today August 22, bravo.

Since I had to go the route of flashing my device to get updated security I don't care.

I just hit a year into this contract my goal now is to get rid of this phone and contract, and buy a Nexus on another carrier.

Yea its finally here and Fido coudn't care to update the OS Upgrade page that they kept telling us to check.


Now that the update is here and it has WiFi calling I now have more issues. When making outgoing calls and the person answers the call just ends. Called customer service from my other line and the girl reset the line I was calling from and dropped the call she called back and dropped the call again this is too much.

Thanks for the update @KAPABLE-K! You beat us to the punch Wink


I just updated the OS Schedule too. Thanks so much for your patience everyone!

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Too bad the OS update schedule has bad info.  Just purchased (as in yesterday) an ZTE Axon with the expecation it would have Marshmallow as per the published Fido OS update page, only to find that info for the pro (which isn't even a product Fido carries) is what was referenced incorrectly.  Very sloppy guys.