Major Issues: Android 6 Update on LG G4

Major Issues: Android 6 Update on LG G4

Major Issues: Android 6 Update on LG G4

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Major Issues: Android 6 Update on LG G4

I updated the software on my LG G4 in February and since then I have had nothing but issues. 


- I receive app notifications sporadically (if at all). When I do receive them, it's like a week after the actual notification date and they all come at once. For example, I'll check my phone and see 9 Instagram notifications, but they're all notifications for things that happened a few days ago and I already knew they happened from checking Instagram regularly.


- My gmail inbox does not update at all. And now I can't see my inbox at all, either - the my gmail is permanently stuck on a screen with an open envelope and the words "Getting your messages", but it never gets my messages.


- I logged out of Snapchat to use it on my tablet, but now it won't let me log back into it on my phone. It stays on the "Verifying your device" screen, but never logs me in.


- Google Play doesn't always load. It will act as if it's loading, but the homepage never loads and the screen stays white.


- Updating my apps is a struggle, probably tied to the issues I'm having with Google Play. My phone doesn't prompt me that I have updates waiting - and even when I try to update them manually they won't always update. They'll look like they're preparing to update, but downloading/installation never starts.


I have tried clearing my cache a few times and it has never worked. I was going to resort to a factory reset, but my phone is not letting me back up my data. I have an LG account set up, which I was going to use for data backup, but it never lets me log into my account on my phone (even though I can log in on my desktop with no issues). I then tried to sign in through my gmail (as it gives you that option), but that also did not work - it just keeps saying the page is loading but nothing comes up. I was going to try using my OneDrive, Google Drive, or my Dropbox for data backup, but my phone is not allowing me to use those options, either. Whenever I select them for backup, my phone freezes momentarily then a small window pops up at the bottom that just says "Failed".


I am at my wit's end with this new software update. I just really want my phone to work again.




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Hey sarahk5!


It definitely sounds like what's going on here is a software issue.


Your best bet would be to try a factory reset. It would correct any software issues you're experiencing. 


Let us know how it goes!