Loyalty and Retentions

Loyalty and Retentions

Loyalty and Retentions

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Loyalty and Retentions

Been with fido since they first started and they used to be good on loyalty plans.  Called today and the rep did offer some okay plans but nothing in comparison to what other family and friends have who have not been with fido as long as I have.  I was told that there are different promos for different accounts, which makes no sense when I have had an account for so long.


Was switched to Retentions and hoped he would be able to help somewhat...boy was I wrong the plan that the rep offered was $10 cheaper then what retentions quoted.  I even asked him and hes like she made a mistake thats not right I have nothing I can do for you, he did not even try to see what was available or promo could be offered. 


Sadly and highly disappointed with FIDO and plan on leaving, currently looking at other providers as it is evident FIDO does not care about customers and they do not attempt to keep customers like they have in the past.


No contract currently with fido so that means I have options.




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This is standard procedure with Fido, I've been with this company since they started, nearly 20 years. They couldn't care less who walks from them. I've been straight up lied to telling me I don't need the usage my plan has so switch to something cheaper, now I run extra data charges every month. They are their to make money.... customer satisfaction is not of interest to them.
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Hey @dan43!


I'm sad to see you feel this way! I assure you that we take customer satisfaction very seriously and want to make sure we offer our customers the kinds of plans that work with their usage. 


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at your account and check out the usage together. Smiley 


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what if there happy with their plan plan and after 20 years with you they just want a new phone for the same price your offering new customers

my plan comes with all the plus 35 plan options but you call it a plus 10 plan cause its older

when really its about the money lets be honest

itnot about the options its about how much extra you pay per month

the plans should be called

plus $10 plan

plus $15 plan

plus $25 plan

plus $35 plan

again profit befor loyalty


@unhappywithfido you want to keep your grandfathered plan and get the discount for a phone like a new customer would get. All carriers have diffrent promotion while most of the promos is to attract new customers you are still able to get a new phone just like anyone else. 


If a new customer get a Plus10 plan they will have to pay more upfront for the phone plus $10 extra every month for the phone, a Plus 35 will pay less upfront for the phone but will be paying an extra $35 every month for the phone. Not because your plan has all the features of a Plus 35 plan means you will get the phone at a lower upfront cost. You can only get it at what your grandfathered plan is considered now and that's a Plus 10 what your are missing is that whether you may more or less up front you end up paying the full cost of the phone in the end some phones at a Plus 35 you will end up paying more for the phone if you do the math.


The way I see it you are still benefiting you keep your grandfather plan you have all the features probably paying less than current in market plans you get a phone at a Plus 10 discount with out having to pay the extra $10 a month.

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what your missing is 20 years of loyalty means nothing/zip/nada

I'm not missing anything you posted in 3 different threads, now you are making it look like because you have been with Fido for 20yrs means you are entitle to what you want.

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What no reply

Let me ask How long have you been with Fido ?

Do you rmember when Fido opened their doors ?

Do you remember when there were Fido zones ?

Do you remember when $100 plans cost $300 - $400 ?

Do you remember poor or no reception ?

Do you remember City Fido ?

Do you remember paying $400 to buy out old plans to get better phones or plans that Fido was offering to new customers ?

Do you remember paying Fido money every month for 20 years ?

Do you remember ??? I DO

So when Fido is driving across the country giving things away to just anyone. Is it to much to ask that they give something away to long time customers showing Canadians that loyalty is appriciated instead of just saying it is appriciated. Actions speak louder than words.

Maybe by promoting, advertising and showing Canadians that loyalty is appriciated they could attract and keep more customers.

I am curious to know if Wind/Freedom will show loyalty is appriciated 15 years from now. Since they are similar to Fido 15 years ago.

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and yes I should be entitled to keep my awesome plan instead of being deceived into switching to a plan that I was told is pretty much the same plan that costs more but wasnt the same at all.

Should I say I'm sorry for expecting honesty

lets see ????? nope

I do not work for Fido and I have the same $56 plan that you have and there is nothing on the market that can compare to it thats why I keep it. Fido did not say you can not keep your plan you can keep it you just want more than they can give. 


Havining a business is to make profit if Fido just give out phones to everyone that has been with them for a certain amount of years who do you expect has to pay for those phones? Who is going to pay the employees? 

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Oh yeah let me give you my latest example

I was offered the samsung 6 for the low cost of $450 each X2 lines if i changed to a (what Fido said was pretty much the same plan) but after some questioning I found the plan was more exspensive and add ons (already included in my plan) were an additional $5 for this and $5 for that.

2 days later on the fido website the phones were $250 and a week or so later $120 (current price) and in the new year I believe the phone will be $0 after everyone upgrades and the samsung 8 is released

And yes every company is in business for profit but do they have to maximize the profit for every customer up until the last minute. I believe not




 I've been with Fido from the beginning as well, and I do remember most of what was noted above. I said most because I never subisdised a phone nor have I bought out a contract just to get a new phone or plan. 


  When did loyalty appreciation become equated with expected monetary return? Out of curiosty, what token of loyalty would please you? Unfortunately, gone are the days of deep loyalty discounts -- in every commercial sector. It's not because companies don't appreciate their loyal customers; it's because the profit margins are not what they used to be. In the good ol' days, the larger margins would allow companies to reduce their profit for their loyal customers as a token of appreciation for their continued patronage. The key there was reduce, not eliminate profit. However, with modern day narrow profit margins, there is little wriggle room. 


  As I mentioned, narrow profit margins affect every industry. For example, in the automobile sector, you used to be able to get floor mats or other options thrown-in as tokens of loyalty. Now, I can't even get a tiny bottle of touch-up paint!


  In the restaurant industry, it used to be pretty standard that they would provide a complementary dessert on your birthday. Many restaurants now require you to pay for your birthday dessert. Okay, some restaurants are still willing to comp your birthday cake, but the mere fact that many now won't, is a sign of changing times.


  Sticking with the restaurant theme, many of the smaller shops offering buy x meals get one free deals have either closed down or had to abandon those offerings. 


  I could go on...


  On many of these loyalty/retention threads there's a common notion that these companies already make enough money and should therefore be willing to reduce their profit for an individual. Maybe, there's enough wriggle room to accomodate one (or a few) individual(s). But what makes that individual's loyalty more important than say, my loyalty? Or next person's loyalty? There are more than just a few customers who have been here since the beginning. There were approximately 1.3 million customers when Rogers bought Fido. How about customers acquired since the Rogers deal? Do they qualify as loyal now?.. If Fido offered $1 as a token of loyalty appreciation to each of customer prior to the deal, that's already 1.3 million dollars. I suspect many loyalists expect more than one dollar. 


  I'm sure someone will post how much money Fido/Rogers made in recent years to rebut the above, but that's not the point. It's overly simplistic to say they made $X million so there's room to reduce their profits.


  With the profit margins what they are, it is not financially viable for any company to continue offer the loyalty perks of yesteryear. However, that does not mean that companies don't appreciate their loyal customers.


  And no, I do not work for, or with Fido. I am not even affiliated with the telecommunications.



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Canadians pay more than almost anyone in the world for cell phone service. That will pay the employees. Me paying Fido monthly for a phone should cost more than me buying a phone up front. you dont know the conversations I had with Fido,You dont know what I expected, and you dont know what I was asking. So all your responses have been judgemental and based on assumptions. If you answered YES to all the questions in my other post and only if you answered YES to all of them. Then reply with an example of where loyalty was appriciated on your behalf only

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people like myself and others that have been loyal helped build fido to what they are today

I have bought plans out in full to get a better plans

I have had a $100 dollar plan that cost me $300 to $400 a month 

and I stayed loyal. So why is it to much to ask that fido reward me and customers like me

instead of driving across the country giviing things away to just anybody

By the way you sound like some one who works for Fido

and if you own a business and your attitude is not what I can do for you but what can you do for me

I dont wish you well

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Hi there jazzie


We'd really hate to see you go! =(


I'd love to see if there's something we can do to change that!


I'll send you a PM and once we go over your options, I'll do my best to find something that works for you!