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Loyalty Plans

Why is it that my son (who I set up on Fido) can get a loyalty plan with unlimited voice and 3G of data for $50 and I can not get any kind of upgrade on my 300m voice and 300mg data plan that is costing me $45.  I have Fido home phone and my sons line was originally part of my account until I had it switched into his name, and he gets a loyalty plan and I get offerd nothing but a runaround for your CS agents ???  I base my decisions on what company I use based on price, value and customer service, right now Fido is way off the mark on all 3 points.




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Re: Loyalty Plans

@fidoglitch wrote:

... The current offerings are not nearly as good as what I currently have or what is available from Wind or Public Mobile. ..


Hello Fidoglitch,


  Welcome to the forums!


  Just a word of caution when considering some of the other companies. Make sure you know what services and what level of service those companies offer. Their plans can be cheaper because they provide lesser services (unlimited doesn't necessarily mean more). Those services they do provide might suit your needs and priorities, but they might not suit everybody.


  I have written previously regarding the potential limitations to Wind so I won't rehash them here. You can find one of those previous posts here.


  With regards to Public Mobile, it's an interesting business model. They refer to themselves as the no frills provider. They do not sell phones, they do not have brick and mortar stores, and they only provide pre-paid service. They also do not have customer service (if they do, it's very limited). It is very much a self-service company. If you don't have any issues, it could be great. However, the biggest gripe of Public Mobile reviewers is the lack of customer service. If issues do arise, you're pretty much relying on the Community for answers. I would say the one aspect of the business model I do find appealing are the rewards for contributing to their forums Wink


   Only you can decide if Wind or Public Mobile (or other provider) offer similar value to you for what you're currently receiving. Value isn't just how much you pay; it's what you receive for how much you pay. Sometimes you're just not paying for what you're not receiving. Perhaps you won't need customer service or won't use LTE right away... just consider the potential limitations.


  Hope this helps Smiley



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Re: Loyalty Plans

i have no idea why anyone would mention public mobile. just unlimited canada-wide minutes and texting comes out to $42. and if you want a GB of data, it's $10 extra. so it's basically the same thing. they try to fool you with the "discount" **bleep**.

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