Loyalty Plan = Regular Plan

Loyalty Plan = Regular Plan

Loyalty Plan = Regular Plan

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Loyalty Plan = Regular Plan



This is my first post and probably will be my last post as well. 


Both me and my wife have been with Fido for almost 10 yrs. So far we liked the service and the price. Recently through my work I have been offered a much better plan from Bell. So before I made the switch , I called Fido to see how much would be my cancellation fee. Eventually I got transferred to loyalty/customers relations department. After being on hold for 5 minutes I was offered a loyalty plan. Then I was on hold for another few minutes while the rep was taking a look at my wifes account and came back with an offer for her aswell. Here is the offer; 


2GB of data and unlimited talk/text, spotify/vice, vmail, call waiting, call forwarding =  $60 for the first 6 months and then $65 per month there after. This is a apparently a very special loyalty plan. This is with no new phone as I dont need one anyways. 


After this offere I took a minute and did my calculation and the offer from my work is still much cheaper and much better. So I told him I am not interested. 


Then I was looking into Fido's website and found the same plan posted for any other brand new customer $65/month 2GB plan BYOP plan. 


All I am saying here PLEASE DONT LIE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS. This is not a loyalty plan. Its same as any one coming to Fido as brand new customer minues the $5 off for first 6 months. I remember Fido loyalty department used to be very helpful and really wanted to reatin exsting customers. Now a days reputation for a company is more imporatant than ever before so after being with Fido for 10 yrs this is the service I got. So I guess its time to move on. 


Thanks for trying to save 2 10yrs Fido customers but it was a very poor effort from fido. I really didnt expect this. If you can not help that is fine and understandable but please dont waste my time and offer somethning that is really not worth offering.



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Hey shav35!


Thanks for reaching out! 

Really sorry with the experience you had, we do appreciate your loyalty and that's definitely not how we want to treat our long time customers! 

I would really appreciate if you could give me the chance to take a look at your account with you. I'd like to follow up on that situation too. 

I'll send you a PM right away!