Long distance & airtime charge

Long distance & airtime charge

Long distance & airtime charge

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Long distance & airtime charge

I changed my $35 plan to a $40  plan and was told I would have free long distance calls as long as I would stay within the guide lines of the plan. As far as I know I did not exceed my 100 minutes. I am trying to understand why i I was charged $18.50  on airtime charges. A phone call to the company ended up with a very bad connection and I had to hang up.  I hate to say it but every time I get my bill there appears another charge for something that I was no suspecting and I feel I am taken for a ride. 




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  Which plan do you have? The only $40 plan I see is this data, talk & text plan (at least in Ontario):


Taken from here.


  While I do see the included 1000 long-distance minutes to select countries, I do not see any other included minutes (except for unlimited evenings and weekends). Is this plan the one you have or do you have a different plan with included anytime minutes? **edit** In what province are you located?**