LTE+ on Pixel 2?

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LTE+ on Pixel 2?

LTE+ on Pixel 2?

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LTE+ on Pixel 2?

Hi everyone!


Wondering if anybody is getting LTE+ on their P2's? No matter what I try, still can't get it to work at all. Talked to CSR, reset network settings, switched SIM, nope, nada.


Also, any timeline on VoLTE and WiFi Calling? My phone is from the Google Store, so not sure if I'm "locked out" of these features.


Thanks in advance!




Hello @SpoonRA9,


Welcome to the community!


LTE+ (LTE Advanced/Carrier Aggregation) is not available everywhere as yet, if its not available in your area you will still be connected to the LTE network. There is a thread here discussing this topic.


As for VoLTE and WiFi features it is only available for phones purchased from Fido, if you did not purchase the phone from Fido those feature will not be enable at this time.

I'm a Participant Level 2

The rep I talked to at the local Kiosk had LTE+ on his handset. It wasn't a Pixel 2, but at least it shows that it is available in my area.


That's unfortunate that something I paid pretty heavily for isn't compatible with two basic features. Any way around it?


WiFi calling is not support on the Pixel 2 from Fido even if you did get it from them that feature is not available, however VoLTE is available for the Pixel 2 but like I mention earlier it will not work for you because you did not get the phone from Fido.


The two features if compatible with your device is only available to you if you got the phone from Fido because the IMEI number will be in Fido's database and that is how the feature gets enable on the device.


There is no way around it we jut have to wait until Fido decides to support non-Fido devices.