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LG Gossip GW300FD SMS storage

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

My phone keeps turning off and on but won't make it past the start up screen. I've tried taking out the battery, resetting it and hooking it up to my pc but I can't access anything.  In fact now I can't even get it to connect properly to the pc. Does anyone know if the default save location is to the sim card or to the handset for contacts and txt messages? I'm not going to bother repairing the phone because its a few years old and I'm planning to get a new one tomorrow but would like to (if possible) get access to some text messages that were saved as well as my contacts.   Thanks in advance. Smiley




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi celticgirl100,


By default, your contacts should be stored on your SIM card unless you manually changed it to store on the phone memory.