LG G5 picture text issues

LG G5 picture text issues

LG G5 picture text issues

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LG G5 picture text issues

I recently changed from an S4 to the LG G5, now when my wife sends me a text with picture attached from her Fido S4, I get a message saying "the image file (date) 12345.png is not supported and was deleted" any suggestions? It only happens from her Fido S4 and was never an issue when I also had an S4. Thanks in advance.


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  It's possible that either the LG G5 itself, or its texting app does not support the png image format. Apparently, some of the older LG's (and/or their texting apps) did not support that format either. I was unable to find any documentation stating which image formats were supported for that phone.


  You and your wife might consider trying a couple of things to test possible workarounds.


1. Take a screenshot of your phone. What image format is that screenshot? Generally, screenshots are of the png format and photos are either jpg or gif.


2. Have your wife send you the same png image (from failed MMS) via email. Does your email app accept the image format? Save the image to your phone. Does your phone's Gallery app accept the format?


3. Have your wife send you a MMS with an image having a different format (eg jpg). Does your G5's messaging app accept that format properly? If she sent a jpg file but you received a png file, it's possible the image was too large for MMS and was converted to png during compression. Have her try with a smaller image. Also, have her go through the MMS settings on her phone looking for compression of large files. There may be options to select file type.


4. You might consider trying a 3rd party SMS/MMS app.


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