LG G5 free gift card

LG G5 free gift card

LG G5 free gift card

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LG G5 free gift card

Hi all. I am just wondering whether someone had same experience as I did.


I went for an upgrade with LG G5 right after the new year (2017) here in Montreal due to an ongoing promotion then for the said phone, even if the agent was pushing me for the nova plus due to a higher amount of free gift card. It included a free gift card plus $0 payout. However, the card didn't come as of yet. I tried asking the store where I got my unit and they told me that the promotional issue is handled by customer service. I asked earlier an agent online and he told me he doesn't know the promotion I was talking about andf asked me to go back to the store. I do not like this ping pong activity going on.I liked Fido's services thus far, but customer service is really horrible in my 4 years with them.


Any thoughts/help?





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Did you go to an actual Fido store? The gift card was it for a Fido gift card or a prepaid credit card?


I can't recall Fido ever offering gift cards with phones usually they give a bill credit. I know stores like BestBuy would offer gift cards and you usually get it the same time.