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Should I get the LG G4 since it is $100 on Smart Plan?

Any recommandation? I own the Nexus 5 which was made by LG. Love it! I wish Fido have the Nexus 6P but it does not seems like it will ever happen Sad

Does anyone know if the FIdo G4 have a leather back or not? The Plastic back seems alot cheaper looking that the Real Leather.






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yes its come with both leather and plastic back cover...
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I have heard a nasty rumour that the LG G4 is notorious for breaking. My Fido sales rep today told me that dozens of G4s have been brought back to his store with problems of screen splitting and the evil boot loop.


Does anyone have insight on the quality of the G4 hardware and software?



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yes its come with both leather and plastic back cover...

Sorry my bad, I mean does Fido carry the Leather back or not Smiley

Hey howardsiu!


The LG G4 comes with both the Genuine leather battery cover and the metallic craft battery cover. This means you have the option to use either. Smiley


You can check out the details here.


Hope this helps!


 I cannot find the info on the Web Site Smiley Thanks for the info.

Yes, definitely it comes with both leather and pastic covers. I have the LG G4.

I believe Bestbuy ( Futureshop) currently having a promotion for 0$ LG G4 with smart plan which ends on Feb-18.  

I am not sure whether an upgrade is eligble, some promo is for new activation only. 


I suggest your contact Bestbuy asap and good luck.  Smiley 


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Wow, talk about coincidence. I just switched from my Nexus 5 to the LG G4 on Saturday, Feb 13th. I am so far pretty happy with the decision. A few things though:


 - LG G4 updated to Marshmallow (but just Android 6.0) which makes me miss having the monthly updates that I would get on my Nexus 5

 - love that I now have a removeable battery, but more importantly having support for an SD card for extended storage space

 - the screen is bigger but not in an annoying way where it's too big for my hands

 - as everyone already mentioned, the phone came with both back covers (both are made of plastic, the leather has a very thin leather skin applied to the plastic housing the metallic craft is all plastic with fake diamond-shaped brushed metal look (but from a distance looks kinda cool)

 - the screen definitely looks sharper, and I like the camera on the G4 over the Nexus 5

 - it's a bit strange having the volume and power button not along the sides (but I'm getting use to it, especially with power button being replaced with the "knock on" feature)

 - the bad: even with Marshmallow and doze, the battery life is just ok even though it is 3000 mAh but this is because I do have the screen on alot


P.S. I use the Nova launcher so the LG interface isn't a real issue for me the majority of the time

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I went to two Bestbuy mobile today and they still have the sale for the LG G4. I spoke to one person and she said I have to renew all my contract to get the deal....I was going to the move to watch Deadpool so I just didn;t think much of it. souds kind of funny, but if it is $0 thats fine by me. After the movie and went to a different Buybuy mobile and the guy said the $0 sale is for the Max plan....Thats not a sale at all. did anyone gpt the deal and or know someone that work at best buy? On their web site it said Sale ends Feb 25 2016. seems like that keep on changing the date lol. It said Feb 24 2016 yesterday.

Got mixed info from BestBuy Mobile on Saturday, When to WEM they have two location there. Before going to watch Dead Pool, dropped by one of their location, lady said I have to renewal all my contract to get the deal. That sound fine to me. After the movie, wife need shopping, decided to get the LG G4 since is $0, came across the other BestBuy Mobile. this time the guy said they have no promo going on at all and I have to pay $99 for the LG G4... Does their employee not have the same info. Since I ran out of time and have to go to dinner with the family, I left feeling all confused. Twitted about it and I am waiting for BestBuy to answer. Fido rep answer and advise it should be $0 for the smart plan as it intended. Sicne the sale end on 02/25/2016 I will check it out again tomorrow. Has anyone take up the deal?

I also switched from the LG Nexus 5 to the LG G4, it's definitely an upgrade all across the board, the phone is quite big, but you get used to it.

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I was in the same boat ... good timing eh? Anyways, the LG G4 was $100 for me because I was on a Smart plan, and not the Max plan. Maybe the individual Best Buy reps got confused as to the amount? I asked about the $0 "Boxing Day" price and was told that price was for "new" customers only and not renewals, that there was currently a $0 price if I wanted to upgrade to a Max plan (which I didn't because I am very happy with my existing plan), otherwise since my plan was similar to a "Smart" plan that it I could get it for that price + the hardware upgrade fee. I went home and thought about it, then being a long-time customer, I called up Fido to see if being with them for 13+ years would be of any help if I wanted to renew my plan for another 2 years. They treated me really nicely on the phone, and I did get a discount, so decided to go another 2 years with Fido ... If Fido is willing to go the extra mile and say that you'd get the G4 for $0 on a Smart plan, then that's great! 😃

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Thanks for the great info.Twitty! If Fido would give me a discount on the phone, that would be great! Since I just discover Wind Mobile is having a sale on the S6 for $99 and the S7 for $299 and S7 Edge foe $399 with their $25 Wind Tab, which will be all togehter $60 only. Now that they have roaming coverage for 98% of Canada and I do really travel outside any big city, that is something to think about. If Fido is willing to work with me and keep me as a customer, I am willing to listen and negotiate a new phone. I am with Fido for almost 10 years since I came back to Canada.

Hey HowardSiu,


We don't want to see you go. I'll send you a PM to check out your best options.  Smiley

Thank you FidoTerry! You have made a long time Fido customer happy to stay with Fido! Bravo again to Fido for doing an outstaning job!

Thanks for the shout out @howardsiu Smiley


If you are happy, we're happy !!


@FidoTerry YOU THE MAN !!

Hey @howardsiu and thank you for using the Community Smiley


Dealers like a Best Buy can have their own promotions.


And I would like to confirm that as of today, the LG G4 on a Smart plan is $100.


It's available at $0 on a Max plan.


Hope this helps Smiley