LG G4 Bootloop - Customer Service Gone Bad

LG G4 Bootloop - Customer Service Gone Bad

LG G4 Bootloop - Customer Service Gone Bad

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LG G4 Bootloop - Customer Service Gone Bad

Last night at around 11:30PM my LG G4 ended up in the dreaded bootloop. Although I am still phoneless and this is a phone issue, at the moment it is the Fido "Support" team that seems to have me frustrated. When this happened to my phone I used a friends phone to google the issue and found out what it's about. I then went onto the Fido website to find that their Customer Support phone hours are closed, but that I am in luck with their FB and Fido Live Chat Hours. Seeing as it was 11:40PM at this point, I sent their Facebook a message as well as tried a Live Chat. With the Live Chat it said I was connected and am just waiting on a representative to connect (at which none did) and with Facebook messenger I received a message back at 11:46PM saying that they are backed up but will be with me shortly and have I tried taking out the battery. I mentioned that I tried that, and that the delay is no problem as long as the situation is resolved instead of everyone clocking out at Midnight and going home. Which is exactly what happened. I did not receive another message from over their Facebook page but instead after 20 minutes of non-response I received a message letting me know that a Customer Service Specialist will be calling me in the morning.


Anyone else get extremely frustrated when a company has hours posted online but then thins out their service on the book ends of those hours?? Now not only am I stuck without a phone, but also still have no idea as to what they will do to solve the issue. Really not up for a "solution" consisting of me bringing it in for repair and losing my phone for 2 weeks while getting stuck with a loaner phone.


You'd think seeing as this is a major issue affecting many of their customers that they would take the innitiative to let their customers know ahead of time, instead of letting them lose all their phone data that hasn't been backed up. But then again I also get frequent calls letting me know about great new plans they're willing to offer me, yet it's always a waste of time and leaves them embarrased to see that my plan offers more than the new "great" plan they are phoning me about. Get it togerther Fido!!!!




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Hi @Wolfowich & welcome to the Community!


I'm sad to see that you're unsatisfied with the service you received. Sad This definitely isn't how we want you to feel about your experience.


We've been receiving a much higher volume of requests than usual, and while we're trying to answer everyone as quickly as possible, wait times are indeed a bit higher than usual.


I'd also like to clarify that we have no alerts regarding an issue with the LG G4. Had this been the case, we would have definitely let our customers know so they can take the appropriate steps to fix it.


That said, if pulling the battery hasn't worked, and plugging the phone to a computer also does not help, the next step would be to bring it to a Fido store to have it looked into.


Let me know if you have any questions.