LG G3 Screen turning off - running hot

LG G3 Screen turning off - running hot

LG G3 Screen turning off - running hot

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LG G3 Screen turning off - running hot

My LG G3 gets quite hot - running FB - no gaming or intense phone activity.


The screen turns off - no input from me - and won't respond to knock.


I use the power button a few times and get it back.


XDA - says turn thermal managment off in the hidden menu, and disable HW overlays.


Any one else have problems with running hot - and screen turning off?


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Hi SeanHuston!


I am not familiar with this issue, but did a little bit of research. A potential fix would be to do a factory reset of your phone. You can do it via Settings > General > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything. Be sure to back up your phone before doing this!

If your phone was purchased less than a year ago, I also suggest that you bring it to a Fido store to have it sent for repair. Smiley


Let us know if you were able to fix the issue! If anyone else has experienced this, please share how you've resolved it!



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I am having this issue as well. 


I can sometimes use my phone for a few minutes before the screen freezes, and slowly fades to black. Sometimes it just flickers on and off when I wake it, and in either case it can't be used.


I've done some research, and this appears to be a common problem with this phone after a year to 18 months of use. I am at 17 months.


I am not eligible for an upgrade [without paying out] until mid March, 2017. My phone is near useless, and from the research I've done, it appears to be the logic board. Has anyone had this issue resolved by fido, out of warranty?



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Did you had a chance to do a factory reset @roisin? As always, please remember to save any important information before you do that. Smiley

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Hello @FidoTerry


I have done a factory reset, and it is still happening.  I can occasionally get ten-fifteen minutes of use, but that is perhaps twice a day. Mostly, it just doesn't work Sad

Hi @roisin


I'll send you a PM so we can discuss it further!

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Sometimes it can be the most simple thing causing the issue. Using a non-certified cover on this phone may cause it to over heat if the case is not designed properly so the phone is not cooling off properly and can cause a lot of issues mentioned