LG G PAD and new account flex rate data plan...

LG G PAD and new account flex rate data plan...

LG G PAD and new account flex rate data plan...

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LG G PAD and new account flex rate data plan...


Hello FF


Can anyone help this newbie who's mind was blown away today, yes I am talkin' a full blown Fido meltdown!!

Here is the scoop, refered a friend to the limited time flex data plan, (a smokin' deal on data imho) and the LG G Pad.

Since the nearest Fido store is 100 kilometers away for him, we phoned the Fido home base (doghouse) to set up the new plan/account and get the LG sent to his house. Cool, sales is on the line.... got two pieces of ID, yep.....oh **bleep** no easy pay...oh well, he will just pay for tablet and everything up front on his credit card...............  Here comes the blow out,,, FIDO SALES JUST TOLD MY BUDDY, SORRY NO CAN DO!!!!!  HE SAYS CANNOT SELL YOU A TABLET OVER THE PHONE,,,,,,DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY OR YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!! GOODBYE.....WHISKY TANGO.

Does that seem right to any of you folks? Buddies only option is to drive a 200 kilometer round trip?




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Hey rocklosbter!


Thanks for reaching out!

That's most likely due to the fact that the tablet is currently back order. The delay before receiving the tablet is between 1 to 3 weeks at the moment. 

The in-store pick-up was the fastest solution to get a tablet in your friend's hands.

I can still place an order if your friend doesn't mind the delay before getting the tablet!


Keep me updated!


I'm a Participant Level 2


Hi Fido Man(uel)......  😆


There was never any mention of a back order issue, or an offer the device after a long delivery wait.

If that had been the case we would have understood, and not been left flabbergasted.

Sales reason was that he could not do the credit card purchase/account setup over the phone????


Don't get me wrong, I'm lovin' Fido, almost have my whole family switched over including the awesome

home phone!! But after preachin' and praisin' Fido to my buddy this sitch. has left me embarrassed with a distinct 

after taste of sour lemons. Unfortunately we are lookin' at an unlocked device and activating the flex data sim at Walmart Port Alberni. Not the solution I was harpin' about.....grrrr...


Called the Fido store in Nanaimo and he has to make the 200 km trip to setup, I cannot pick it up for him even though, I am 10 minutes away......more grrrrs.      TX for replying  Manuel, got to get back to this solution, tryin' to get bud set up for the  graveyard shift  tonight!!!!!

I'm sorry it went that way, I can still place the order for your friend if he wants. 

He just need to contact us through Facebook or Twitter. There's a delay, but that would save the long trip!