Just changed from Koodo to Fido but my old number did not get transfered

Just changed from Koodo to Fido but my old number did not get transfered

Just changed from Koodo to Fido but my old number did not get transfered

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Just changed from Koodo to Fido but my old number did not get transfered

I used to be a Koodo user and changed to Fido with the new 10GB plan. However, the representative told me that it will take around 2 hours to get my old number back and he gave me a temp number. Its been days now (since 17/Dec) and still my old number did not get transfered. I am still using the Koodo simcard because am waiting for doctors' calls and I cant put the temp number now. Also I have tried to call the customer service and no one was answering. Tried to do a live chat and waited for 2 hours for a rep but with no show. Tried to do the FB messenger option and same thing. Can anyone tell me how long should I wait for the transfer to happen or shall I just switch back to Koodo??

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Hey @Hadiabudaya @sb1991!


Sorry we couldn't get back to you sooner. Were either of you able to get this sorted out? 

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I'm also in the same situation. Switched from Freedom to Fido. I've already dug online to check the status of my phone transfer... says complete but I'm still with the temporary number?




I made the switch on Dec. 18th.


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when you are changing from one company to fido, your fido account is assigned a TEMPORARY number first, this is because you NEED a number for your account to work while the number you want to bring in can take some time and is being ported.



your old line with koodo or who ever your with will STILL WORK while the number has not transferred over yet, thats how the number porting is designed, what you can do,you can FORWARD your koodoo number to your fido so you dont have to carry around  2 phones


and lastly, you can tel when the number has succesfully transferred over you will be notified cia text and your other line will finally be cancelled, so when your koodo sim card is finally deactivated, then thats a good indication the port is complete.


and one more thing, they say it takes a few hours to 2 days on average, yes that is true ,but it CAN take up to 2 weeks or so, so even tho 2 days went by and nothing was switched no need to be alarmed, this is acceptable for some complex porting situations.

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I am in the same boat! Except my Fido dude kept my old sim card... So I am just chillin using a random number waiting for the new number to transfer over! The issue for me is that I am a supply teacher so I need to get calls for me to get work... I did it at 1:00pm and was told it would be done by 3:00pm so I didn't think it would be an issue! So needless to say... I am already down a day of work ($250ish) because of no calls. Ugh! 


I went BACK to Fido and they told me it would be 24 hours. We are now passed that too...


Any help is appreciated!